Terraria Music SLAMS


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Credit for the Nurse Art goes to Ajidot:

Playlist of all the music I’ve used:

Source: https://jamesmartinlive.com
Read more all post Video : https://jamesmartinlive.com/video/
  1. DantheLittleMan1 says

    I have never wanted to breed with a soundtrack as much as I do with this one

  2. Devourer of Gods says

    Don't forget about Calamity…

  3. Earth says

    "Yo where did the guide voodoo doll go again?"

  4. Saúl Estrada says

    0:48 what is the name of the video?

  5. Coach says

    Uncle Samsonite. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

  6. Derpitty derp says

    Must've found my expired bag of crack.

  7. LilthX Livey says

    How I did I just now find this degenerates post on his inaccurate conclusion on what music slaps from Terraria, what is beast is when you underground and near the crimson evil, I bust a move everytime

  8. Playstation3 says

    Mushroom biome is best music

  9. Josh Gouin says

    you see, you got this, but what about overhauls versions?
    those are amazing

  10. Фафр says

    0:42 Sonic Generations Silver the Hedgehog

  11. Henry the cool guy says

    I feel like the internet just took a dump in my brain and didn't flush… Good vid tho (:

  12. Milk man says

    I dont know what this is but I f*cking love it

  13. Sart says

    no npesta screaming to Underground, disappointed

  14. Doodle says

    mfw random = funny

  15. Pachurro 2 says


    haha a hat in time go d a n c e

    Edit: is a hat in time really THAT good? i should probably get it. its on steam right

  16. kledis Seferi says

    Plantera go brrr

  17. Ghshr Ksidhc says

    The music slaps and always did, but the clips in this video definitely don't…


  18. Ben DeJesus says

    Calamity intensifies

  19. JogoLord says

    oh yeah uncle samsonite

  20. A Suicidal Kanzaki says

    This is very pleasing

  21. TheStickmaster32 says

    Music to listen to while you fuck

  22. TeamWolfRules says


  23. MachineSugar says

    This slaps harder than my mom's chancla

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