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Travel well in Thailand with our awesome guide to Bangkok! In the past we’ve failed to connect with the city, feeling it was better suited to backpackers but this time we experienced the unexpected… from boutique hotels and fine dining experiences to community tours, we saw a different side of Bangkok and loved every moment. Here’s everything we got up to and, hopefully, some inspiration to help you plan your best adventure too.

Where we stayed:
➲ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok
➲ Millennium Hilton Bangkok

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  1. MOD MOM WOW says

    Sa wa sdee kaa…I'm from Bangkok! Your video is amazing. It's very informative and fun. Love your editing…I really enjoy watching your video. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. amnaj katintet says

    Great video, great royal Thai food and so many restaurants you never see in Bangkok. Hope you enjoy your life and good memories in Thailand. from Thai guy.

  3. speshul says

    I am planning to visit, maybe stay, good info

  4. Trips and Memories says was a nice blog..really liked it..u may also checkout my travel blog post on Thailand..and if u like it , pl share this with ur friends :

  5. Hiren Ramani says

    Hi…I had visited 3 times to Thailand it's fabulous experience more and more enjoined every time….
    Thank you for your nice video

  6. The Unseen Thailand Chiang Mai says

    Love spending time in Bangkok

  7. crs rahadiyanto says

    Can you accompany me to look for an aglaonema crop farmer in my Bangkok from Indonesia

  8. KS8910 says

    Im from BKK and Im planning to bring my family to Australia for a trip including Brisbane.Im subscribed to your channel and very itched to go there as soon as covid19 is gone.I wl be keeping up on your channel especially about Brisbane.Cheers!!!

  9. tatsuyuko*たつゆこ旅行記 says

    Absolutely love the country, culture,people ???and Thanks for sharing your amazing experience ?I’m from Japan ??

  10. The Unseen Thailand Chiang Mai says

    Thailand is a wonderful place with many things to see and do

  11. Sin1448 says

    Love your

  12. nim shetty says

    Love Bangkok . People have a bad perception. It’s not just a sex place . The city is huge and 10 times bigger than Mumbai and la. Go to the city center and you can stay at a Novetel for 80 bucks and great food and malls and trains and fun . You will meet tourists all over and locals are so polite and kind . Shopping is great ?

  13. Fakhrul Malak says

    You look great, your dance is so beautiful, your presentation is so much fun

  14. Cheef Smokealot says

    Western women like 5 star everything when they travel…. ??

  15. Picnoid says

    Today is our First wedding anniversary. I made a video of our honeymoon a year back we spend in Thailand. I have captured our whole trip in 11 mintues you can see and plan yours.

    You can send us a gift of subscription on our first wedding anniversary. Send us a subscription as your good wishes.

  16. Yujin Pong says

    Hi there!My hometown is bangkok,thailand.And i moved to Orlando,Florida,USA in December 2015.Good video?

  17. วรพิชชา น่วมนุ่ม says

    fc form thailand i love you

  18. h goran says

    Are you blake lively???

  19. Krit Kraduengdej says

    Sa Wad Dee Krub ? I’m from Bangkok Thailand ?? I love your video so much ? and I always Support you and your team! , Love ❤️

  20. Akarat sakkatas says

    Nice​ VDO
    Thank​s and welcome to Thailand.

  21. INDO POPULER says

    nice trip, i like it.. regards from Indonesia

  22. Tanabat Bank says

    I am Thai people and live in Bangkok but I never go some place in this video so i knew it and more details than i ve ever heard before thanks

  23. Kash singh says

    Top video keep up the good work

  24. prapan Sangrame says

    Have fun in Thailand.

  25. Moon Lover says

    Thank you for your vdo ,you are so beautiful,kind,lovely ,love Thailand

  26. Nathalie's World says

    You are very excited in the video. But bet you don’t know hidden gems of BKK. I live in Bangkok and show you around

  27. Cinematic Journey says

    NIce Video,

    Check my youtube channel, Bangkok Cinematic Video

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