The Beast hits Top Bins?!? | Neil Lennon vs The Beast | Soccer AM Pro AM


Neil Lennon takes on Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett in the Soccer AM Pro Am. Penalties, volleys, crossbar challenge, one on ones and free kicks. Chelsea fans answer the questions, Lennon and The Beast kick the balls.

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  1. Joshua Mann says

    Just me who finds Fenners very arrogant?

  2. Nick G says

    Keepers too fat

  3. James Clarke says

    Why dont youse just get a house together you're like an auld married couple lol from a Leeds United Supporter ?⚪? MOT

  4. John Bhoy says

    Neil lennons still winning everything ?

  5. ghostsneverdie5 1 says

    How tall is the beast god damn

  6. Graham Mitchell says

    Imagine having the beast and Mertesacker at the back.

  7. Jmc 007 says

    Good bit of fun enjoyed that just don’t get the stone island jumper as stone island goes the jump had nowt about it. Could of come from primark. For me.

  8. Ryan Boyce says

    How the fuck did Lennon manage a career?

  9. The Northen Wolf says

    Could have been anyone ?

  10. Mac2point1 says

    if they're shooting it with their right foot that springboard needs to be on the other side

  11. Mustafa Gelişen says

    This Goalkeeper is the reason i am watching this

  12. K Roon says

    Don't waste your time, he doesn't.
    – you lying basards

  13. TXZ Frizzy says

    The Beasts volley should have counted because if the bin wasn’t there it would have hit the post and went in

  14. Fenian Bhoy says

    Neil's learned from naka ?

  15. Kai Samuel says

    how tall is he

  16. Fifajesius says

    c r i n g e

  17. No Name says

    has any one ever got top bins from a free kick.. watched loads and not seen one yet

  18. Eye_Dee says

    The Beast vs The Bheast

  19. King Richard the Lionheart says

    Geezer by the bin s*** himself lol

  20. pAtRiCk StAr says

    Beast is a pig who would’ve known

  21. 9D Marc Bradley Oei says


  22. Jonny says

    Neil Lennon is the real beast here let's be honest.

  23. Conor Havelin says

    One Neil Lennon

  24. doolally23425 says

    Lennon ginger popcorn teeth prick

  25. M CR0 says

    Jimmy looks like a melt

  26. Mr Bojanglez says

    The beast looks like he forgot his PE kit and is wearing clothes from lost property ?

  27. Erdnüsse says

    Lurgan Klopp does it again

  28. Robel m93 says

    amazing free kick ?

  29. Burning Pronic says

    Why doesn’t hitting the bin count as a goal? If the bin wasn’t there it’s in. Stupid game. Hate sky.

  30. Burning Pronic says

    Didn’t that fat bastard marry his cousin?
    Are all Sheffield United fans inbred?

  31. Tyler SMG says

    Sheffield United fans like !?!?

  32. Tyler SMG says


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