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Where does bread get its fluffiness? Swiss cheese its holes? And what makes vinegar so sour? These foods may taste completely different, but all of these phenomena come from microorganisms chowing down on sugar and belching up some culinary byproducts. Erez Garty shows how your kitchen functions as a sort of biotechnology lab, manned by microorganisms that culture your cuisine.

Lesson by Erez Garty, animation by Smart Party.

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  1. sanjay sampathkumar says

    Vegan: I only eat what comes from Plants.

    Vegan: Watches video while eating bread

    Video: Bread gets its taste from Yeast.

  2. brody foxx says

    at 0:45 you can here the guitar riff from never gonna give you up

  3. Osel Somar says

    Your animation sucks.

  4. Mr.bonesss says

    No one

    Yeast: B R E D

  5. Hansika Ramanadham says

    2:38 ASMR…..

  6. A Game's Channel says

    3:50 cutest sounds ever

  7. Pınar Ece says

    This is my fifth time watching this…

  8. Morad Tabbicca says

    You should do the history of mead.

  9. Osmar Claudio G Duarte says

    0:28 hello you to cute yeast

  10. matress in my lung says

    "your kitchen functions as a kind of biotechnology lab"
    the bacteria: "mONcH"

  11. matress in my lung says

    yeast, not knowing that its gonna be bread: "aww yeah boiii water and sugar"

  12. Fayaz Shah says

    Cute, yet informative, I like it.

  13. Mr. Random says

    which editing software did you used?

  14. Amy Rudrum says

    awwwwww so cute

  15. Anything Really! says

    1:53 "hello!"

  16. 50 subscribers with no videos challenge says

    Who came here for online class?

  17. Caleb Jacob Reed says

    I’m sorry but how can I focus with these cute as yeast

  18. peceminecraftjem says

    France has yeasty food then

  19. alejandro duran says

    quien esta viendo el video por mister mauricio en clase de ciencias

  20. Vincent Hildebrand says

    O great I'm eating microorganism farts now I'm not so sure I wanted to know.

  21. Gabriel Francisco says

    Thanks for this video… i am going to make my own vinegar from fruits.

  22. Arin Sharma says

    yeast looks like the triangle guy meme

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