The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2020


The GMTK Game Jam for 2020 was our biggest one yet. In this video, Mark runs down his 20 favourite games.

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1 – Restless Wing Syndrome

2 – Laserwave

3 – A Key(s) Path

4 – Puffballs

5 – Hellfiler

6 – Genre Hopper

7 – Laser Guy (Harold)

8 – You are now Possessed

9 – Edna – Out of sight, out of control

10 – Losing CTRL

11 – Emergency Protocol

12 – Time Lock

13 – Crystal Ball Chaos

14 – Two-Timin’ Towers

15 – Midnight Monorail

16 – Make The Way

17 – Dumber Dwarves

18 – Shooty Ballz

19 – Between a Clock and a Hard Place

20 – Cleaning the System

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  1. goji says

    Are you… are you trying to sound like Tom Scott or something? A year ago you didn't talk this way

  2. The Only Gaming Studios says

    why they all 2d?

  3. gab legend says

    I only watched to see the block thing that multiply and move stuff

  4. Sniper Does Anything says

    Atleast Cell Machine was mentioned in the video C:

  5. PixelatedCoder says

    goddammit i missed my laptop had to break down just that day

  6. Kushal Kumar says

    Please make a video on survival/crafting games. I really want to understand what is the design process.

  7. magnusm4 says

    All these games are so simple.
    It's amazing how much creativity can be forced out of limits in just 5 simple buttons. Arrows keys and a jump or just the mouse.
    2D really is a unique genre with possebilities that wouldn't work in a 3D game.

  8. gyro _ loqu says

    I'm a beginner game dev and wanted to participate to this game jam. this game jam was out of my league so i decided not to join. i'll wait for the next game jam and do my best.

  9. Zeddy says


  10. TheFrenchDev says

    A really nice set of games! A Key(s) Path looks awesome.

  11. Cloudy mei says

    Late late whhhyy

  12. KodaWolf404 says

    watching the creator of cell machine make the game was a good video

  13. GlitchWolf says


  14. Reese's Pugs says

    This is the nicest comment section I have ever seen.Good job participants!

  15. mr.person man says

    bob, bob, stop. bob, bob no. bob bob, No. bob, bob. youh stupid bob

  16. darkychao says

    Genre Hopper reminds me of an old flash game called Rom Check Fail where every so often the game would switch between several classic NES games while keeping the same level layout and enemy placement. although that game had multiple levels, and mostly different game genres, so it's not exactly the same

  17. Ryan Spargo says

    This is such a good community of creative people and deeply devoted fans. I love being a fan of GMTK.

  18. Zqta says


  19. light 666 says

    if i made a game i whould give a player the option to add extra factors in like random lazers at times (the player will see it comming though) or powerful smarter ai that will try to use your tactics against yourself

  20. My Fresh Memes says

    Plz some mobile game in the jam
    I want to play them

  21. Roman Polak says

    My first thought when hearing the theme was "A game with world phenomena out of Remedy's Control"

  22. Milo Curran says

    These games are genius. I'm so inspired, thank you !

  23. Federal bureau of memes says

    I thought cells was one of the best games

    Since there is no control and it’s awesome

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