The Central Processing Unit (CPU): Crash Course Computer Science #7


Take the 2017 PBS Digital Studios Survey: Today we’re going to build the ticking heart of every computer – the Central Processing Unit or CPU. The CPU’s job is to execute the programs we know and love – you know like GTA V, Slack… and Power Point. To make our CPU we’ll bring in our ALU and RAM we made in the previous two episodes and then with the help of Carrie Anne’s wonderful dictation (slowly) step through some clock cycles. WARNING: this is probably the most complicated episode in this series, we watched this a few times over ourselves, but don’t worry at about .03Hz we think you can keep up.

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  1. Danny Figueroa says

    Almost skipped this episode, but decided to rewatch 100 times. Pretty cool stuff. Been using computers since I can remember and it's awesome knowing the inner workings of a CPU or RAM chip. Pretty sure I know what a ROM chip does now. Thank you Carry One, I mean Carrie Ann and the PBS team for making this happen. 🙂

  2. Mezbah Oveek says

    Simply complicated

  3. Rubens Alves says

    It's interesting that the next class has only 62% of the views this one has.

  4. Sniper Hawk Gaming says


  5. Rubens Alves says

    Don't give up, guys. According to what she said at the beginning of the video, there is no harder class on the whole series.

  6. nuri karakaya says

    click settings, playback settings, 0.75x
    click subtitles, english.
    Done, now you can watch it 🙂

  7. Kubo S says

    Visible confusion

  8. Robin Johnston says

    You can slow these videos down in the settings, she does talk fast

  9. Master D says

    You speak way too quickly I have to rewind it every second just to take in what you said

  10. Matthew Ascough says

    she used the same example twice that's trash

  11. Сергей Безуглов says

    Can anyone explain 0.03 Hz?
    I am getting 4 instructions / 360 seconds = 0.0(1) Hz

  12. AndreaZzzXXX says

    at 8:02 " there isn't a mini Carrie Anne inside of every computer !" 🙂

  13. Rama Satya says

    I don't know why, whenever you say a new level of abstraction, it brings a smile on my face. 🙂

  14. S jupi says

    The new level of abstraction elevator is making me happy

  15. G&U Films says

    I found this lecture easier than the one memory. It answered a lot of questions I had from the previous lecture.

  16. Khadija Omer says

    You could totally play Amy in the big bang theory if the real actor drops out.

  17. georgysb says

    Actually 4004 CPU didn't run 740kHz. It divided it internally by a factor of 8, so its actual clock speed was 92.5kHz.

  18. Montagne says

    i hate my teacher for making me watch this series AND basing half of the code on it.

  19. Vinnie P. says

    the more I watch the more I realise my brain ain't working

  20. Davegaeth says

    I didn't get the calculation of Carrie Anne's clock speed at 8:50. Shouldn't it be equal to number_of_instructions/time_to_carry_out_instructions? Which gives:
    4 instructions/(6 min * 60 sec/min) = 0.0111 instructions/sec
    rather than 0.03?

  21. Leon Hardt says

    I'm not even a computer major but I'm trying to learn these.

    The Quarantine is scary bruh…

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