The Climb FM20 | Episode 39 – AN OLD FRIEND | Football Manager 2020


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The Climb FM20 | Episode 39 – AN OLD FRIEND | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 39 – AN OLD FRIEND | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 39 – AN OLD FRIEND | Football Manager 2020

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  1. Acetazy says

    11:0 to psg

  2. Martin Long says

    2-0 to PSG but Koffi has a goal ruled out for offside in the 91st minute

  3. Uffdude says

    PSG 2 Luzenac 0

  4. Koos Gadellaa says

    +1 lighting

  5. Ryan Griffiths says

    1:23 “my love for arnal” ffs why didn’t you mispronounce

  6. Paul Sang says

    Lyon Live is how I found your channel and why I started to follow. Also reignited my love for FM.

  7. Dope Boy says

    We all agree that you’re signing Blaise back once the loan ends right?

  8. Arun Pandian says

    Jack, what is the skin that you are using? It looks good and I am interested.

  9. gamerboy 125 says

    Jack what happened to cheick oumar traore the man the myth the legend

  10. gamerboy 125 says

    Jack change ur tactics. Wingbacks are just as useless as fullbacks so play them as cwb as galves is a natural there. And try to play koffi and martinez as wingers as blaise isnt playing much. Luzenac need a reliable striker. Koffi has 10 finishing and cruz aint good enough. Sign ronaldo jack

  11. Howard Kahn says

    "Declare your love for arnal" 🤣

  12. Doctor Em says

    omg trincao is playing for lyonedit:I realised before jack realised I swear.

  13. Thomas Kendell says

    You're going down

  14. Thomas Kendell says

    Ha Jack loves Arnal 😆

  15. alan hardman says

    Psg 5 luzenac 1

  16. David Coonan says

    Lyon Live was what got me into your channel, great watch!

  17. axed d says


  18. Fantorangen Official says

    2-1 shithouse with koffi igniting

  19. Omar says

    Play coqu

  20. * Uszkera says

    How about trying Blaise up top and Koffi on the wing with Dulio on the left I think that could be deadly

  21. jonny griffiths says

    Declare my love for Arnal, that was close…. 😂

  22. Hugh Fogarty says

    Camera angle looks 👌🏻

  23. Morgan G says

    not sure if you noticed but kehinde is right up as one of the best players in the league on key players

  24. Chris Rodwell says

    The new lighting makes you very shiny! Is this good?Big Dub out, Connolly in, s'il tu plait

  25. Andy Bianchi says

    Koffi morale problem is one reason you could be struggling. I sold Aouar on my brighton save and my team damn near mutinied

  26. Chris Ross says

    Shame you never kept Arnal for the PSG pounding that is coming

  27. Dragan Pajević says

    You had a big cake for Willian's birthday! Yaya Toure is crying!

  28. JonesTheeGreat says

    Love this series mate.

  29. Aadarsh A says

    Klopp on the background is new. (2 episodes old as far as I know)

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