The crossover continues as Tom and Davin work on our 1930's race car | Redline Update


Our Redline Rebuild and Barn Find Hunter crossover is moving forward. This week Davin and Tom set to work cleaning up the parts we removed from Snowball’s 1937 Ford coupe. Tom got to know the blast cabinet quite well while Davin worked on breaking down some stubborn part assemblies. Though not the most glamourous of projects cleaning is none-the-less important, and it keeps our project rolling forward.

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  1. kdknitro says

    Ive watch both of your shows for a little while now and enjoy both sides of the coin. I also really like the concept of the pairing of your shows, so that this car can once again be enjoyed by the owner and now by all of us watching. Keep up the great work and great content guys.

  2. 130hengineer says

    Great series, love it. Just not feeling it with this one. However, I'll watch and learn something new.

  3. lubetester says

    first time i have been PROUD to be a subscriber to a Youtube channel.

  4. Edward Jones says

    You are going to replace the ball joints well stupid it has king pins dumb dumb

  5. John says

    Loving the collaboration ?

  6. Ethel says

    Wow chaps. Congratulations for the prize. Lots of love to the both of you!

  7. James Waite says

    Really going to enjoy watching the Rebuild on this old modified. Reminds me of the cars at the local dirt tracks when I was a kid. RIP Jimmy Shampine 8-ball.

  8. Lance Hill says

    if I remember right you can get all the steering and suspension parts from Speedys! and the desirable brakes were the Lincoln drums I think they took a wider shoe ! and make sure you change out on the 440 the rods were the weak point on them so a set of eye beam rods are best ! also the only reason someone used a Chevy frame was because that's all they could find! so think about that? a frame is cheap at this point!

  9. Matthew Bergin says

    I prefer using crushed walnut shells on aluminum. It leaves a beautiful finish.

  10. Matthew Bergin says

    As Smokey Yunick once said " An engine doesn't know whose name is on the outside" ??

  11. Steve Hansen says

    Those axle housings/side bells are Ford 3/4 ton (F2) parts as are the full floating axles and brakes. It takes two Ford axles to make one quickchange axle. Inside you will find a bearing spacer on one side. Ingenious.

  12. Rob Liebbe says

    Call it a '37 Snowball

  13. drew hulett says

    Great episode y’all work great together

  14. Peace absolute says

    I love this series. This is amazing

  15. derrick v says

    This is a great project. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Taylor Rutter says

    POR-15 silver does an excelent job on intakes. Brush it on.

  17. Garland Henry says

    This is great !!!!!!!

  18. Justin Custer says

    Could you please get a taller table for Tom to work on? The poor guy's back is going to be aching for days.

  19. Crzyvn says

    The diff looks like a Winter's quick change

  20. ゆうTV says

    Congratulations! 1M subscribers. Great Hagerty!

  21. David Barnsley says

    So good to watch it progressing

  22. David Marshall says

    Old mate was keen getting in to help Tom wearing his white shoes….

  23. denny75t says

    you are great! I always follow your work with enthusiasm .. greetings from Lugano, southern Switzerland

  24. Mercmad says

    When cleaning Alloy parts i use a Wet blaster. the surface doesn't get pitted like it does with a dry blast. it also puts a protective peened skin on the parts which gets a sheen and is easy to clean with a rag.

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