The Evolution of Adidas Football Boots! Soccer Cleat History


We run through every major football boot made by adidas! Which Adidas soccer cleats are your favourite?! Comment below and remember to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and turn on NOTIFICATIONS for more videos like these!
Boot Evolution:
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  1. Football Boots says

    Since 1925 adidas have created football boots and we list the most influential releases since then! COMMENT below your favourite adidas football boot and remember to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!!

  2. Anku Hej says

    so adidas has again comeback to 1964 shoes
    demon skin in 2020?

  3. Naruto BLAZING lets play says

    The socks on the boot is the biggest downgrade

  4. Big Nibba says

    2016 Glitch was the best looking one

  5. hennic13 says

    Excellent video? well researched, the informative captions are well presented and the music is not goofy dance music. ????

  6. Victor Silva says


  7. kim jong says

    Predator touch 1996!!!my favourite shoe!!!still used until now!!!

  8. Jorge luis Castellanos pachon says

    Por siempre Adidas

  9. A Random Loser On The Internet says

    My favorite pack is the crazylight pack 2014

  10. Etuini lavaki says

    Bro the 2008 ones look so sick

  11. Abrarul Huq says

    Adipure 11 pro

    iPhone 11 pro

  12. Irfan Fatoni says

    Anja is Tony kross

  13. yusuf yardim says

    2020 corona???

  14. joana noemi says

    Whats dir messi 2004 nemesis

  15. Mustafa Bozkurt GENCER says
  16. Blake Koyia says

    Wow Booty…

  17. Blake Koyia says

    What Booty adidas

  18. mohamed anis says


  19. mohamed anis says


  20. New style sport shoes says
  21. Сава Стошић says

    Adidas X 17.1?

  22. Emma Cooper says

    I onset
    Y have never had a pear of Addis but that will change today YAY

  23. Reedz10k says

    2011 starting to get smooth

  24. Reedz10k says

    5:20 are the best like if u agree

  25. Ruben S. says

    In 1925 Adidas was'nt founted!I'm from Germany so I know it!
    I can speak german: Adidas gab es 1925 noch nicht erst 1949.
    Ist hier noch irgendwer anders Deutsch?

  26. Oliver Whitworth says

    The music ? it's so bad

  27. PEDRIN 077 says

    Alguém BR

  28. C9 BRABOX says

    6:44 top d+

  29. Juan moreno says

    0:30 Name song please ?

  30. DEZIM FF TY says

    1970 muito linda❤??

  31. DEZIM FF TY says

    1966 dourada muito linda ❤

  32. Nenem Nenem says

    Brasil aqui ?

  33. Dahlgren says

    Real legends remember 10:50

  34. Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero says

    1972 one looks sexy and luxuries

  35. Akram Haibaoui says

    C'est bizard

  36. GNR HD says

    Eu tenho uma f50 adziro II azul e laranja de 2011 meu tio comprou se esqueceu no guarda roupa passo 9 anos e me deu pq foi se mudar

  37. apis apis says

    Only predators are good for me..

  38. นุจรินทร์ จันทร์แก้ว says

    จับจีบสวยครับ​ รุ่นอะไรอ่าครับ​ อ่านภาษาไม่ออก

  39. di classe says

    Where messi 16.1

  40. Tev Playz says

    Don't lie…

    We all know you paused the video for every boot to read what it said.

  41. harry sivander says

    3:23 wtf

  42. 서경화 says


  43. -. Old Perfection says

    2:13 ¿predator?

  44. gia bao tv says

    Where is year 2019

  45. Ismael Garces says


  46. Ismael Garces says


  47. مرتضى قيمز GAMES says

    حياكم الله

  48. FAQo o says


  49. dicas da nick De meiques says

    I LOVE

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