The Highest PROTEIN Foods At The Grocery Store – Protein Food Haul


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Here are some of the foods with the most protein at the grocery store. They not only have a good amount of protein, but the other ingredients are clean and the protein source is top quality. Mad love…Bobby, Dessi, Rose, & Art!

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  1. Denise Lynn says

    I’ve been thinking about doing Thrive Market and been wanting you to do a video. Before I took the plunge. Thanks.

  2. MsRefined1 says

    Bobby you must have read my mind. I’ve been tracking my calories/micro/macro nutrients and discovered I’m not eating nearly as much protein to reach my goals. Thanks much!!!


    Thx Bobby.

  4. Gabby Loch says

    How is your brain so small?

  5. Cindy Enriquez says

    LOVE Chomps meat sticks. I get mine from Trader Joe's, Natural Grocers, and I've even seen some Walmarts carry it.

  6. DH_Artist says

    8 crackers, EIGHT crackers for only SIX grams of protein? Come on dude….

  7. Laundry and Lemons says

    Grocery day ? ?

  8. Emma Diaz says


  9. Cat N says

    Why am I getting McDonald’s ads

  10. kari granger says

    Love your info packed content!! Thanks!!

  11. Eddie Mo says

    Now we know thanks Bobby

  12. Toronto says

    Can't hear it. Giving up.

  13. Wendy Mangani says

    Suggestion: Peanuts aka legumes and all other nuts

  14. Madison Turcato-Woodward says

    Bobby what do you do with all the not Bobby approved products you buy for these vidoes?? Just curious

  15. Ryan Segura says

    I like the bulletproof bars and collagen drink, thanks Bobby! I need more grocery hauls!
    I got all my meal prep containers, organic ghee, purely Elizabeth pancakes protein, lairds coffee, everything, changed my life. I’m here in CA, Los Angeles. I shop mostly at sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, target, Walmart, Costco, Amazon

  16. Jordyn Keller says

    Where do you find the Keto Bites in Whole Foods? Everytime I’ve tried to find them I can’t. I thought they’d be with the cookies but they weren’t at mine

  17. Bret Nye says

    Sounds like Sandler

  18. boat says

    Great timing with this! I've been on keto for a year and a half, and with the recent debunking of too much protein disrupting ketosis along with my recent venture into physical activity, this is just the video I need.

  19. Erika Flores says

    PLS. make replica of Burger King Chkn sandwich but the healthy way.

  20. Cathy G says

    Your cap makes you look like you have a weird Mohawk in my preview feed.

  21. Michelle L says

    This is SUPER helpful. THANK YOU BOBBY ❤️??

  22. cap'n jimmy says

    Bulletproof co didn't invent bulletproof coffee. ❤

  23. Kaye Szymanski says

    Love the chomps venison with salt and pepper! ?

  24. D.D. Jones says

    Hello, FLAVCITY!
    Great video as always, but the volume seems to be down much lower than normal. I thought it was my phone at first. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the video, as always!

  25. Sabolas Hmmm says

    Thanks for putting the protein info! How do they make the jerkey? And any info on what the purpose of inulin is?

  26. Cut3 Sicko says

    Is it me or was the video audio was low ??

  27. Hyooo says

    Haha watching this video while literally snacking on flickers (been loving this stuff so much, thanks to Bobby!!)

  28. SkyZer0 says

    1 quest bar and its non-bobby approved ingredients isn't going to kill you. ill take an extra 9 grams of protein and the 15 extra grams of volume in a protein bar, thanks.

  29. Eat Plants says

    This stuff is garbage. Not healthy.
    Whole food plant based.
    No animals product's.
    No refined oils. Not heart healthy.
    These foods are highly processed.
    Grass feed is still detrimental to the environment. Animals will never be slaughtered humanely. 25000 people a day die from starvation what are you going to do put a hamburger and everybody's hand. And eat animal products.

  30. Geeta Vinnakota says

    No Sugar Keto Bar from costco seems like a good one too

  31. Self-Taught Weightloss says

    This is right on time. I try to keep my diet mostly protein. Thanks for going over the nutrition info.

  32. Mary'd To Keto says

    Very interesting about the quest products! I don't like the taste anyway ?

  33. E G says

    Idk what I would do without you lol! Love love your videos! Thank you you are the bestest!

  34. Isabella F says

    Bobby, have you seen the paleo birch benders pancakes? The ingredients are very nice.

  35. Galletti Guitar Tones says

    Only best way to get proteim any meat. Those aren't really essential. But I like collagen sometimes though..

  36. Shannon Wong says

    Not gonna lie I feel kinda proud of myself for picking that Bulletproof protein bar BEFORE watching this video haha thanks Bobby for teaching me right

  37. minister jap says

    I just can't picture him going to war fighting for our country he would be the first one to run away from the enemy???

  38. Marcus414 says

    Good job Bobby! Always look forward to your videos. My friends and I gave up on Quest products a while ago. As much money as that company makes, they can certainly use cleaner ingredients.

  39. Jasmine Williams says

    Great info! I couldn’t hear you as well as your other videos though. I got the impression baby Rose was probably sleeping nearby. Maybe pump up the volume in post? Thanks for all you do!

  40. joycestyleofcooking says

    Who else like the video, comments before watching? Thanks for sharing Bobby!

  41. John Tocho says

    As an alternative to Chomps, have your ever tried Country Archer? Same grass fed beef, no sugar etc. and costs about 40% less. Available online at Amazson and at COSTCO. Thanks for the video!

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