The History of Computer Storage


How did computer storage evolve from super-old-school punch cards to the multi-terabyte SSDs of today?

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  1. Charles Hines says

    Gee, I wonder what made Florida decide poking holes in paper was too difficult. Maybe it was hanging chads!! I think we were cheated on that election by that one flaw (the Electoral College is another flaw all together).

  2. Praduitorul2006 P says

    2020 when literaly i have an 1TB SD card ?

  3. jeremy O says

    Ive always wondered why games or movies werent just distributed on sd cards.. No worries about scratching disks anymore and they are faster for data transfer

  4. One kilobyte of ram says

    Shouldn’t the title read “History of Data storage “?

  5. Soundwave Superior says

    Floppy: PP soft
    HDD: PP Hard

  6. Ravenclaw Avenger says

    This video relives a hole lot of memories. I never found out there was such thing as flash memory until I bought an hp40g+ calculator back in either 2005. The manual suggested inserting a flash memory chip. Into a special slot built into the calculator. So I thought I was in seventh heaven with my SD Card because I could keep backing up my HOME directory onto this card. if things crashed I used the SD Card to get it back.

    Eventually I learned how to organize my data into a DOS/Windows directory hierarchy. I built my Home directory archive filenames out of today's date. That way I know when I made them.

  7. Channel Name • 10 years ago says

    Damn, I was born in the perfect century.
    Imagine playing a 100GB games now while people back 50 years ago were limited to 10 kilobytes.

    Lmao, even my assignments were bigger than that

  8. Miro Markkula says

    Before this video started i saw an ad where linus was doing it

  9. OMEGA says

    999k views bruhh

  10. The King Osama says

    Now we have 2 tb m.2

  11. thenewbgamer64 pro. idiot65 says

    This dude hella dumb. With out storage, we wouldn't even have film or scrolls to begin with dumb dumb.

  12. Raymond Cai says

    Fun fact: the 700 megabyte number you see on CD-R's actually mean 700 mebibytes (MiB). Computers also read in mebibytes, so since both are wrong, they agree.

  13. Raymond Cai says

    Correct me.

  14. *Amy Norman says
  15. Myrna Bonnet says
  16. paper tuxedo says

    I want to install windows from punchcards

  17. Tony Crabtree says

    Amazing how much tape storage is sold.

  18. Player says

    We would be still writing in scrolls
    Book: "Am I joke to y ou?"

  19. mark totton says

    Paper tape was before punch cards.

  20. TheLegendInYou says

    They were 5 feet tall not 50.

  21. NASA limbu says

    Skindieks disk partion

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