The Jerk Chicken Queen of the Bronx – Street Food Icons


Fauzia Abdur-Rahman has been serving Jamaican food in the South Bronx from her cart Fauzia’s Heavenly Delights, right outside the courthouse, for the last 25 years. The menu changes every day, but there are always two meat options, a fish option and three vegetarian options.

With the help of her daughter and husband, Fauzia makes her famous jerk chicken three times a week, and finishes it with her homemade jerk sauce that she makes with pimiento and scotch bonnet peppers, plus a host of other ingredients.

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  1. The Catfish Chronicles says

    Fauzia just made my day. She's got such great energy.

  2. Christina Chrissy Aviles says

    I live in upstate NY, best to believe when this pandemic is over I'll be traveling to the bx to get me a plate, & I can't leave wo for my son.

  3. Nadiyadenanterre Osm says

    It's a pity that they can not open their own restaurant ? the cook is great.

  4. trucker matt says

    And now they are 2.30 a slice.

  5. Oscar M says

    Such a beautiful family!!!

  6. Pranay Nillay says

    Was it abt the food or her life leading up to when she opens the food van?

  7. Fransini A. says

    EEYYYYY BX mamas representing!

  8. Alan Morris says

    This kind of food can be very expensive. So many of these vendors overcharge their customers and end up going out of business.

  9. Mike Gianfrancesco` says

    Amazing food !!

  10. Saad Naeem says

    Is it halal?

  11. hello says

    The food looks really tasty and healthy too

  12. wet says

    what a nice family business, i have to visit if i ever go to NYC. i love that they have vegetarian options!

  13. hellslayer 96 says

    if u know how to cook then u don't need degree , degree is for those who don't know how to cook

  14. YaHa Ah says

    Congrat, Fauzia, love how you hold the Jamaican 'fort' than just give it away like some people.

  15. Adicqua Ellis says

    Thought I was just clicked on "cant pay we'll take it away" for a sec??

  16. Mike Rateinc says

    very positive people

  17. Maninder Singh says


  18. papa jan says

    good lady 🙂 i will marry jamaicain omg ?

  19. Ms. Lewis says

    Such a nice family. Good man.

  20. AKLI SELiM says

    100 times better than mcdonald's

  21. andy p says

    What a great lovely family!!!! All the best!!!!

  22. mudshark jones says

    her husband did alright for himself

  23. Nama Saya Toro says

    I never thought there are so many halal foods in usa

  24. bonivr says

    That's how a REAL BOSS WOMAN looks like

  25. Akyrah34 Vigier says

    I'm going to make a trip to the Bronx just for your food.

  26. Xbox Gamer says

    Worked her ass off and got her kids through college without complaints. That's the American dream right there. People could look at her story instead of bitching all the time

  27. J Douglas says

    Great energy and quality food, you can tell people appreciate her

  28. AudioASMR says

    Instantly love these people, not because I'm Jamaican.
    Actually it probably is to be honest.

  29. Sagnik CJ says

    Superb positive vibe

  30. A2Z11tree says

    This looks SOOOO good! This Canadian who now lives in Fort Drum is definitely making the trip down for her food!

  31. tony's gaming says

    The fact that there are many icons street food around. I imagine how many times I passed them all smh

  32. Aslan Kök says

    Man and it's all Halal, definitely have to try this.

  33. YEEE BOIII says

    She is literally the female version on Ainsley Herriot.

  34. Syahida Alam says

    "Halal Meat" that's good to hear! Hope she and her family are doing well in tough time like this.

  35. Gale Chow says

    Great lady nice vibe nice family we need more people like this family

  36. Derek Bost says

    the way she described that jerk sauce has me dying here. Looks so good I can smell it.

  37. Natalie Smith says

    Such a sweet couple x

  38. Anna C. says

    I really admire how they both lift each other up and say all the great things the other person does for the business! And I really love their work ethic and very chill laid back positive kind attitude. She appreciates her customers so much too!

  39. heartfulenergy says

    It all looks amazing ?. I feel so hungry now

  40. Boomhauer says

    I make jerk sauce too baby.

  41. Kingover says

    Entree my ass

  42. Arunava Bhakta says

    I can clearly see the Indian influence in her recipes.

  43. Cakiema says

    Where do you find husbands like that? lol reminds me of my parents ?

  44. Joseph Bey says

    That's love

  45. TheBobcatlover says

    I kind of want to get on a plane from the Uk just to spend a day at this truck

  46. Kağan Sucu says

    Beautiful people

  47. enrique el chingon says

    Beatiful soul this family has god bless them

  48. Pacco Rabana says

    Great name my sister

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