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  1. Latreal Beverly says

    I'm trash no body plays with me

  2. Latreal Beverly says

    I want to be like u in roblox football

  3. M_0bile says

    2:08 Sounded like u said the n word

  4. Jordan Moore says

    JuicieJohn has dimes sub to him

  5. Lewszn says

    I love you juicy ❤️

  6. Hammanater says

    That axe guy was my roblox friend xd

  7. Kaitlyn Tipu says

    Nice dimes ??

  8. E says

    For some reason when I watched this I kept diming lol

  9. Fbufootballuniveroffical 1 says

    Are you global???

  10. bbarnesley Maddox says

    Juicy can you friend me I’m godly at football fusion
    Username: imsocool624

  11. Jakai Childs says

    Juicy try football world?

  12. 《II myles II 》 says

    1v1 the dimer like if u want him to

  13. Shane Garrabrant says

    Roses are red
    Juicy is goated
    To those who think you can beat him
    You better keep this noted

  14. TrayInspirational says

    5:19 "they just eating snacks out here cheetos"

  15. AlgoMarbler says

    U have to be my fav YouTuber (beside me xD) I love ur vids!

  16. Brandon White says

    How this is high quality gaming LOL ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lilced3xxx says

    I make fbu montagesシ︎

  18. OfficialChrisCJ says

    EARLY kinda

  19. DA_Slushy says

    Juicy is the best qb in football fusion

  20. NoNameInspectah says

    Hey Juicy John this video is great!! Keep up the fabulous work, maybe some time in the nearby future me and you could maybe play together!

    My username is; jovandjurdjevic

    Just send me a request and I’ll see, Thanks and keep up the great work!

  21. PEpPa PiG bAcon says

    Juicy I was AxawsomedudeAx u fumbled me and i went out of bounds lol but threw a dime one;-; but it was fun losing by u

  22. The jucie always loose and will never get put back in

  23. Daniel Rabkin says

    5:10 LMFAO

  24. Hax M says


  25. Elijah Lampkin says

    juicy the best youtuber i love his vids i watchbthem every single day JUICY JUKES >3

  26. Elijah Lampkin says

    juicy upgrade ur cb on fbu thats why ur trash at cb and slow.

  27. Truly Nxsty says

    I added u ?

  28. Amy Clark says

    Juicey dimes!!!

  29. AR says

    heyo john, wanna play? I am a league wr and qb. NotxRiceman if you wanna add.

  30. Zack Ah says

    we love the kfc wifi???

  31. Jessie New says

    6:46 look at these pancakes me saw a dude flying

  32. Ifeanyi Ezissi says

    Juicy:"We made all our kicks"

    me: seeing 13/14 on the stats

    Juicy's editor: note to self. edit "quote me on that" when he gets something wrong

  33. Bluun says

    im suprised terivent has more subs then u lol btw pls sub to me i make ff content too in the future i might make content on other games!

  34. Nicholas Lazard says

    “192 yards.”

    But you got:
    “892 yards.”

  35. I luv Dogs says

    Best YouTuber for FF!

  36. Intelerit says

    Juicy is gonna hit 20k subs on August bet

  37. Hello Person says

    Juicy u gon get ur new elite mouth piece?

  38. Fitzgearled Playz says


  39. Danna Argueta says

    Good content 🙂 good job juicy

  40. Danna Argueta says

    2v Casper

  41. Roshan Boyd says

    Jusiy John 2v2! Ez with my brother

  42. Joslyn Morales says

    5:38 2v1? More like a real dime

    Juicy John needs L pill bc he way to toxic to his defenders

  43. Stephanie Tooley says

    Make juice is loose 2

  44. ROYAL CLUTCH says

    Do a no jumping receiver/db challenge

  45. Hac says

    Juicy John can dime
    Every day is Juicy's Time
    This video is named The Juice is Loose
    and there flying the win ahead like a goose

  46. Ninja_god says

    I sold

  47. Ur amazing I’ve watched since 200

  48. Feathery King says


  49. Feathery King says

    The fact that he’s afk for most of the game and when the other QB fumbles he’s in AFK

  50. Cwasont Mon says

    I’m never early lol

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