The Race All-Star esports Battle – Australian F1 GP alternative event (rFactor 2 + surprise circuit)


F1 Cancelled? Self isolating at home? Trapped under a mountain of ? ? Need some racing action to get your fix? WE GOT YOU- The very best real and virtual drivers raing in one place!
Participants Include: Max Verstappen, Juan Pablo Montoya, Simon Pagenaud, Neel Jani, Maximilian Günther, Antonio Felix da Costa, Dudu Barrichello, Ed Jones, Paul O’Neill, Jimmy Broadbent, James Rossiter, Brendon Leigh, James Baldwin, Rudy Van Buren, Bono Huis, Wolfgang ReipDevlin Defrancesco, Charlie Eastwood, Dani Juncadella, Ross Gunn, Petar Brljak, Lucas Blakeley, Jim Parisis, Muhammed Patel, Jernej Simoncic, Erhan Jajovski, Michi Moyer, Kuba Brzezinski, Gergo Baldi, Marc Gassner, Kevin Siggy Rebernak, Jiri Toman, Risto Kappet, Eros Masciulli, Nikodem Wisniewski, Peyo Peev, Zbigniew Siara, Luca D’Amelio, Maciej Mlynek, Jan von der Heyde, Sebastian Montoya


F1 Cancelled? Self isolating at home? Trapped under a mountain of ? ? Need some racing action to get your fix? WE GOT YOU.

Clear your diary for Sunday afternoon (1400 Europe), 15th March 2020.



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  1. THE RACE says

    STREAM STARTS 7:10 Subscribe to get your motorsport fix while all real races are cancelled!

  2. Ricardo Martins says

    what mod are they using?

  3. kuugeli says

    they really need car damage on so people cant just ram through others

  4. Noble Society says

    This is solid ?

  5. Holy Doggo says

    Whats the games name ?

  6. bklynbobby1 says

    Hey Race ….. are you gonna make it so these kids can earn winnings going up against real race car drivers …. I would love to see a ten year old girl beat Mario Andretti for $ lol that would be "AND THE WINNER IS….. LITTLE LISA MURRY FROM WISCONSIN???? " lol

  7. formulafan says

    asdwegfwes…. anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  8. Patrick Bannert says

    Youre in the false League!!!!!!

  9. Patrick Bannert says

    Wrong game????
    Actual F1 2019 rules much more!!!!!

  10. fingerhorn4 says

    Is it just me or do the cars look rather cartoon-like in their movements. Very twitchy. Also, if this was real racing almost every car would be trashed. Everyone is crashing into others.

  11. Stanley Booth says

    ???you have to look all the way?️?️?️
    0:42 ???

  12. Lars M Bek says

    1:22:26 that crash i the background xD

  13. R N says

    The brakedisc are glowing all race.. Must be a turbo-super-duper Carbon :DDDD

  14. Stefan Vesterlund says

    Nice, but 360p? Feels like a trip back to 2004 🙂

  15. Jairo Leal says

    Why is the replay only 360p??

  16. SIC66SIC66 says

    360p? What year is this??

  17. Paul van der Maas says

    Subscribed. You should talk to F1 and get all the 2020 drivers in an online championship until we can start the real season :). I'm sure you guys are already exploring this opportunity!

  18. MiHiHemi says

    Why does the video quality suck so bad?

  19. Joseph Skelley says

    Why is the quality of stream such poor quality?

  20. Lucille Wolff says

    invite leclerc!!!

  21. T3O3R3A3Y3A says


  22. Sachin Wani says

    Is it 360p for everyone or just me?

  23. Martin Ohnenamen says

    360p, puuh what a grainy mess

  24. TheNationsStudios says

    I can only see a 360p feed in the quality menu. Am I missing something?

  25. Edward Onischenko says

    1. Commentators are nice Thanks a lot! But I suggest one of you to watch a stream, so you won't miss big boom crashes behind your spectators.
    2. "Crash sounds is a JOKE Guys, just replace that awkward sound, it's not cool.
    3. 8 lap race … Not enough to recover if you were involved to 1st corner crash… So, eventually, all race is decided in 1st corner. Also, there should be some penalties for crash makers and 8 laps is just not enough for equal and fair race. One crazy driver would kill the others and come in 8th place (for example) and make it through, but it's not fair.
    4. Advertisement is poor. Not so many people knew that such cool even would take place. Ask as many Sim Racing Bloggers as you can to tell audience about this Cool event.
    5. Big Thank you for your job

  26. Da'id Opus says

    This is one of THE BEST things I've EVER seen! Thanks so much The RACE.

  27. DGARedRaven says

    Seriously – thank you for doing this.

  28. Mario Hugo says

    Come back to the f1 as commentator was the best move of jolyon palmer, is a really nice comentator and journalist

  29. Accu-Stats Video Productions says

    Awesome idea to get these guys together online! Please do it again – but stream at better than 360p please???

  30. Rolando Loeb says

    arcade mode on

  31. SecondSince says

    Good fun! I hope more of these can be done, even when the real-life F1 season finally kicks off! 😀

  32. Ronald Wright Jr. says

    I watched Jimmy Broadbent's stream of this race live on Sunday. It's awesome to watch this again from a different perspective and watch him racing these pro drivers. Been a fan of his almost since his channel started. Also this was an excellent event considering all racing being cancelled. Look forward to seeing more!

  33. CatusBrutus says


  34. AKVFR says

    And please let them stay in that virtual surroundings; we have more than enough "fun" with F1 Corona!!!!!

  35. Chrisimplayer says

    this would be fun to do regardless if you win or lose 🙂

  36. Gaia OverAll says

    When rFactor 3 will be released?

  37. KingReaperGamer 99 says


  38. 4UkU6aM69iTHUK says

    That's strange that they put Montoyas without name initials

  39. Sevgul Vula says

    Hoe heet je op insta ? Xxxx

  40. MaceoLaban says

    Well, I guess it needs 50 more years developing…?

  41. twmusicoustic says


  42. An idiot in a racing car says

    That's a great event! It would be worth doing an effort on the editing (with replays etc.) and displaying more info (throttle/brakes, lap times, etc.)

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