The Race to Build the World's First Hyperloop


Fundamental questions, cutting-edge engineering, billions of dollars, economic barriers, political challenges and the greatest transportation leap for a generation at stake. The race to build the world’s first hyperloop is on. For more by The B1M subscribe now –

Hyperloop explained –

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Narrated by Fred Mills. Additional footage and images courtesy of Virgin Hyperloop One, Hyperloop TT, Hardt Hyperloop, Google Earth, FR-EE, Hyper Poland, Transpod Hyperloop and Zeleros Hyperloop.

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  1. The B1M says
  2. don't comment says

    overhyped trains

  3. shyed hakkim sharukhan says

    hyperloop is a boring subject

  4. Robbie Hatley says

    Oh… my… gawd… you CAN'T be serious??? "Hyperloop"??? This bloody-moronic idea is essentially a joke by Elon Musk. It would be 100 times more dangerous than air or train travel and 100 times as expensive. Vacuum tubes??? You have GOT to be fucking kidding. The slightest problem would cause the entire system to implode violently, killing everyone in or near the tube. Look, if you want high-speed ground travel, we already have that; it's called FAST TRAINS. TGV, Shinkansen, Shanghai Maglev, etc. Why build something that's much more expensive and much less safe? Use existing technology! I'm sure Japan Railways would be more than happy to send consultants (for a reasonable fee) to any nation who wants to build their own Shinkansen systems. THAT is a proven technology that already operates at 200MPH, no dangerous, expensive vaccuum tubes or maglevs needed, just electric trains on steel rails.

  5. DedSec says

    imagine going straight through under the ocean to reach your destination on the other side of the world, then going back to surface when you can.

  6. DedSec says

    Africa transportation be like, so uh we have sticks, stones and leaves, in 2020, while the rest of the world creating unimaginable techonology, damn countries are really divided.

  7. Artem Pavlov says

    Skyway is the future of transportation. It's already in construction stage in UAE. It's still not to late to become an investor in this incredible technology.

  8. 劉君 says


  9. 劉君 says


  10. Dinar Mohamad Tofan says
  12. Juan Motie says

    America will not continue to lead this effort when it goes socialistic in the next few years. Left wing liberal Democrats will have no interest in building such a futuristic transportation system. As I write this, leftist are burning the country down. They will want entitlements over the advancement of technologic development. Musk will be out of business when the American Economy collapses. Just a question of time now.

  13. Sam Siphandone says


  14. CmdrX3 says

    You know who will win the hyperloop race… no one, it won't happen. It's a CGI enhanced fantasy with flashy graphics and anything that's ACTUALLY been built so far is a joke.

  15. TO BE POSITIVE says
  16. golden63 says

    Monorail, Monorail, Monorail! MONORAIL!!! MONO—D'OH!

  17. Sroz Chhantyal says


  18. Rod Lloyd says

    as long as you go in a straight line, imagine the cost of a ride, and those ugly tubes dividing the country and people yet again as they buy up the land and throw people out the way, and for WHAT, save a few minutes??? aren't we rushed about like idiots enough, how about slowing things down and start to LIVE…

  19. Rod Lloyd says

    well I hope there are some cities left after this FALSE PLENDEMIC, to warrant spending such stupid amounts on a journey , who's going to use them, no workers needed any longer in the Glopbalists Satanic view of the future..

  20. aa bb says

    Longer range tube trains will use linear rail as maglev becomes prohobitively expensive with distance. As shown by the Hollowman test, there is no upper speed limit of rail. Korea developed its own technology by 2009 which is not searchable anymore as it is now in national security domain/

  21. Lew Rodd says

    How many passengers can each car carry and what would be the distance or time between cars?

  22. Gabe Newell says

    Never going to happen in our lifetimes…

  23. gnazegbo bossis gnazegbo says

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  24. LondonGhostar says

    If I was the UK PM I would announce a plan to start building a hyperloop network from London to Liverpool and many more locations because it will cut travel time by a massive amount.

  25. Phil Scott says

    If the principal of a Hyperloop is to operate in a near vacuum, why must the vehicles be streamlined? Wouldn't they be better off with a piston shape? Blow air into the origin and suck air from the destination and the piston will not need motors. Pneumatic systems have been around sine the 1600s ?

  26. Silly Goose says

    This would be so awesome. It’d also be awesome to just let go of the interstate system and see how the wild would take it over

  27. HOE 1968 says

    China will have a clone for each design.

  28. 1985 Honda CR-X Si says

    ye ill stick to the good 'ol twin otter

  29. TheAsylum100 says

    Erm a large earthquake is going to be a real problem

  30. DavidRGD says

    Hyperloops may be practical, but it is also practical to be DESTROYED by terrorists, which that is a HUGE problem.

  31. Space is Awsome says

    trains left the chat

  32. Rogamer 5 says

    What about routes to the uk?

  33. Seven Signs says

    Meanwhile it takes 2-3 hours to cross Chicago from North to South, by train. They could hyperloop their own city first. How silly it would be to reach Cleveland in 30 min, but Whatever Avenue in 2 hours?..

  34. Rohan Pandhare says

    Comment which country will start first hyperloop

  35. Rohan Pandhare says

    India hyperloop is impossible until fucking politics stops.

  36. Johnny Quest says

    Remember the coyote strapping his ass to that ACME rocket to catch the Roadrunner? No thanks.

  37. Polly Tong says


  38. adamdabester says

    should we build a high speed rail system that would suit our needs? nah lets fuck around wasting billions on trying to build giant vacuum tubes, fail and build absolutely nothing usable instead. Great job guys that's brilliant!

  39. Mathew Abban says

    "Fastest way to travel across the earth"

    Laughs in Starships 45 minute continent travel.

  40. Ibrahim Nour says

    With Starship and Hyperloop in the mix, the 2030s gonna be like waking up in San Francisco, breakfast in NYC, lunch meeting in London. Then dinner with friends in Australia.


    Time means a lot to me because, you see, I, too, am also a learner and am often lost in the joy of forever developing and simplifying. If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

  42. William Mulreed says

    Just use spaceX’s starship around the entire earth in 50 to 55 minutes

  43. Himecha's Jam says

    Elon Musk didn't come up with the idea, it's been theorized and planned about for years.

  44. No Way says

    Waste of time, StarTrek's transporter coming in 3 years.

  45. Sam Maalouf says


    Hyperloop: I am SPEED

  46. tesla1961 says

    by by dollars.

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