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In the early 90’s, Nintendo faced mounting pressure to provide more educational games. Their answer was Mario Paint. Learn the story behind the game and how it changed the lives of 3 creative individuals.

Intro – 00:00
Part 1: Mario Paint – 03:03
Part 2: Mario Artist – 28:20
Part 3: Legacy – 32:32

For a list of sources, please visit

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Jazzy Boho –
Thomas Roberts –

Additional Footage:
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John Andersen (Saving the Video Game) –
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Additional Images:
Jazzy Boho –
Wietse van Bruggen –

Banjo Guy Ollie –

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  1. Gaming Historian says

    This was a Patreon-voted topic and i'll be honest, I wasn't sure how to make this video. But you know what they say: Limitation breeds creativity! This is my first video to feature prominent interviews, and the insight they provide paints a wonderful story.

    I'll be back soon with an update video. But for now, please enjoy The Story of Mario Paint!

  2. Rai Rai says

    God damn dude, your videos are amazingly wholesome! Never miss one. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Michael O'Keefe says

    3:57 Is that Mr. LGR?

  4. Knuckles Meme Elmo says

    Yes! You got LGR in the video!

  5. BLACKDISC says

    Loved this video!

  6. Jessie Bullock says

    Thank you for your work! The production quality keeps going up and up! Great job!

  7. LunarDave says


    In all seriousness it was cool to see people and work I recognize in this video.

  8. MacJohnMcC says

    I've never played with Mario Paint and until I watched this video I had no idea it came with a mouse even though I did have an SNES back in the day but I was an adult at the time so maybe I thought the program was for kids.

  9. David Klein says

    Mario Paint is a game that I really wish Nintendo would remake for the Switch. I loved how it blended drawing, animation, music, and pixel creation into one package. However, I was always annoyed at the lack of colors and the limitations on what you could save as I was used to using PC art programs. I've always wanted a greater range of sounds in the music editor both in the instrument choices and the range of notes.

  10. smbcollector says

    The various footage you have in this video is worth the greatest praise. I can't tell you how many times I see generic stock footage and art in other videos desperately trying to hold my attention but with barely any relevance, but the stuff you're showing is all meaningful and interesting. Very well done!

  11. Snowball Effect says

    4:40 lol this has to be AVGN. A star is born.

  12. TomBobBlender says

    Great job putting this together, Norm. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of revisiting my memories with the game and talking about its impact on my life, which I can also see has had on others as well. I am also happy to see that the struggle was real among other Mario Painters who had to deal with cleaning the mouse ball far too often. 😀

  13. Pixel Dan says

    It's my birfdaaaaayyyyyy!!!

  14. Jack Reed says

    Great video! I loved Mario Paint when it came out. I was a junior in High School. My brothers and I would create all kids of stuff with it. I created some Street Fighter II characters and tried to recreate the characters in Phantasy Star IV from images in a magazine before the game was even released.

  15. LeviathanRX says

    24:53 "Douglath.. You Broke my grill?!? It was very expensive "

  16. Justin Lloyd says

    My brothers and I would play this for hours, if not days. But we borrowed it from a friend, and he wouldn't let us borrow the mouse.
    As such, the idea of playing Mario Paint with a mouse is totally foreign!

  17. gosple2 says

    I'm glad channels like these exist so I can be introduced to all these games I didn't know about as a kid.

  18. 1000Orgasms says

    What an incredibly quality content, as always.

  19. Hank Glidden says

    Who is disliking this

  20. asan says

    We need this game to be optimized to use iPad. It would be amazing! Full use of pencil and game.

  21. KnaveMurdok says

    I used to make songs in the song editor and then hold ym tape recorder up to the TV speakers so i could save them ToT

  22. Michael Nuckols says

    Another good one in the books Norm. I really enjoyed it.

  23. NICE US says

    when you realize mm2/1 are just Wii u/switch remakes of Mario paint ?

    really even the undo dog ? is in this game!


  24. Otha Bojangles says

    I hooked up my SNES into my VCR and would record seconds images of Mario part art I would make short stories with some limited animation.

  25. TainakaRicchan says

    Dang, I remember playing "Gueass what I'm drawoing" at Summer camp in the 90s on Mario Paint. Simpler times.

  26. King Legolas says

    You keep getting better. Thanks for your videos

  27. Jason J. Ayala P. says

    Errata. 26:50 doom snes didnt have mouse support. At least not the leaked source coded mvg just analyzed.

  28. Matthew Given says

    Was that a clip of The Angry Video Game Nerd as a kid?

    I think that was from one of his videos.

    Great video as always.

  29. Dave says

    You have to sell a kidney to buy one of those computers! 7:16

  30. Techni Myoko says

    Please make that guy put a shirt on

  31. Hurrbet says

    Someone sounds like LGR.

  32. Dsent Publications says

    Where is the credit for LGR?

  33. Cubik the Blogger says

    I love how they reference it in Mario maker

  34. AgentOroko says

    LGR voiceover cameo!!! This and LGR and two of my fav YouTube channels!!!

  35. colonforsecs says

    What's with all the beta males?

  36. Julio Productions says

    my prediction: nintendo wanted to make a mouse controller for the snes. the made a painting game. they called it mario paint for marketing. if im right then this would only be 20 seconds

  37. Robert E says

    26:23 Laughing Joking Numbnuts at it again.

  38. richard5X5 says

    I love that the kid getting angry clip is a childhood clip of the AVGN.

  39. Higher Gamer says

    yay new game historian i miss and own mario paint, can't find my mouse though

  40. Dag Jumah says

    Nice video!!!

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