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  1. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  2. DaSauce says

    Sign Ivan toney

  3. Jamesbeast Luniracingleague says


  4. Callum Oneil says

    i actually celebrated the palace goal

  5. Recozz says

    Sign Troy parrot on loan for the season

  6. Patrick O’Halloran says

    This series is ridiculously good

  7. liam chap says

    10 points in 5 games and in 20 he’s got 9

  8. Hios Harald says

    Can you upload a video of youy downloading the facepack that you use

  9. MDKTHE KING says

    Buy greenwood the goat

  10. itis eld0nn says

    sign cavani on a free after the new budget

  11. Ozumṣauce says

    Why would you let Fernández go he is a Top 5 CB in the league ???

  12. Ozumṣauce says

    Vikram is Such a clown lol. Brighton has a solid squad yet he manages to lose every game

  13. DOUBLE 4 UKDrill says

    plz react to my destined for greatness vid

  14. D Instro says

    Vikram has 1 win in 20 games looooool I'm finished

  15. Yunus Hadi says

    get greenwood

  16. Daniel Jordan says

    never send players with the flu to club doctor, can spread and have more players out

  17. Alduaij GOAT says

    Manny's Lost The Plot!

  18. Jay Sanderson says

    Series is a madness ??

  19. AC9 says

    How come matty longstaff is playing over Sean longstaff?

  20. Sour says

    allow Toby to join this series

  21. Luke Bishop says

    ay i couldn’t stop laughing when he terminated roses contract in game ?

  22. my aim is shisse says

    Manny Manny how in the world do you get the real logos and kits

  23. Louis says

    Get Alassane plea

  24. Kingfisher 1 says

    Kalvin Phillips and Ben White

  25. J P says

    He needs to sack off dembele, far too much faith in him every game

  26. Gabriel Connor says

    How is vikram so bad

  27. Stuart Guy says

    Im guessing you're getting so many injuries as you don't rotate your team and your fitness coaches/physios/sport scientists are shit, those are easy to get though

  28. Reece Barton says

    Orel mangala sick center mid odsonne edouard

  29. Reece Barton says

    Manny get josef martinez

  30. ITFC says

    Get Myron boadu

  31. Jochi bvb says

    Manny canceling Rose's loan got me into hysterics. Legit he has no other good fullback

  32. Tobias Andersson says

    Manny and the norwich guy sound so much alike im confused

  33. Ahyan Amin says

    Monaco past and present???

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