The Ultimate Drag Race!


la sfida 0-100 con il top di gamma dei motori elettrici ed endotermici, solo una parola “disruptive insanity”! Enjoy!

Energica Ego
100 kW
136 hp
195 Nm @ 0 – 4700 rpm
0-100 kph 3 seconds

Ferrari 458 Italia
419 kW
570 hp
540 Nm @ 6000 rpm
0-100 kph in 3.4 seconds

Tesla Roadster
225 kW
302 hp
370 Nm @ 0 – 5400 rpm
0-100 kph 3.9 seconds

BMW 1000RR HP4 race-ready (former Italian SBK racebike)
149.13 kW
200 hp
111.8 Nm @ 9000 rpm
0-100 kph unstated

Zero S
40 kW
54 hp @ 4,300 rpm
92 Nm
0-100 kph 4.8 seconds

Tesla Model S P85D
691 hp
931 Nm @ 5200 rpm
0-100 kph 3.1 seconds

My next motorbike. 100% Pure EV. – ES015

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  1. Jean Steven says

    try vs ninja kawa h2r and zero sr/f 🙂

  2. baby Aazz entertainment says

    0:22 what is that exaust for

  3. your comment might not work so please says

    To all the people who once thought motors can never beat engines.

  4. uvuvvwe ossas says

    It might be fast but the sound is so boring AF

  5. Max says

    the bmw is short shifting I think, it doesn't sound like going to 14000rpm at all.

  6. B S says

    Wait on super car Electric

  7. Steve Zweig says
  8. Iksr Alquyuud says

    WHy not put it against the Lightening LS-218???

  9. Danny otf moore ,an officer works 4 a corporation says

    The lightening would eat that for breaky

  10. Jacques de Bruin says

    looks like a 200m drag race top speed of that electric bike is probably like 100 or so

  11. Bouzada Gonzalez says

    mentira.cualquier deportiba la machacaria EN 400M.

  12. Lifted_Above says

    Superbikes are stupid for drag racing. They aren't drag bikes, they are race track bikes. 1st gear is so tall, they don't reach 190 hp until about 90 mph. All the rest is smoking clutch.

  13. : says

    so try this bike vs kawasaki ninja h2r

  14. Andy Casbo says

    I want a Lightning LS 218 and Rimac drag racing

  15. Chandraprakash G says

    Only missing part,
    The battery capacity in kWh too in the description of those vehicles could had been great !!!

  16. Chandraprakash G says

    I am subscribing this channel for one reason,
    for Using KW on top of BHP !!!

    Yes people, the universal unit of,
    Power = in Watt multiples (W, KW, MW etc)
    Energy = in Watt time multiples (Wh, kWh, MWh etc)

  17. Karışık Dondurma says

    That quote was outstanding mate

  18. GLEve says

    Next plz do the match between electric engine in this year. I love there quiet engine sound, insane acceleration and ego friendly.

  19. save earth says

    this video sure seemed dramatic but pretty anti climatic lol

  20. Yarbaystrength Fatih Karaca says

    this is like 200m race. on proper 400m s1000rr win other bikes come 2nd and 3rd

  21. 2010HarleyDynaFXD says

    the Lighting LS-218 looks better for the same price of the EGO

  22. Matteo Napolitano says

    Le moto devono fare rumore.

  23. niroman3000 says

    it wuld loos to this Lightning Motorcycles LS-218

  24. kiqnkf says

    It appears that the tesla might be faster that the s1000rr too…. That hurts me, as a RR owner…. I expect the electric bike to be quicker, that's virtually a given, but the car? WOW!!!

  25. Dennis3Run says

    Where is the Zero SR?

  26. xxsmileyxx 777 says

    and what the hell is a fucking ego never heard of it

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