Before you travel to Norway, check out this guide and find out the must see places in Norway. I show you this beautiful country and list up my favorite destinations, focused on nature and outdoor experiences. Northern lights, midnight sun, fjords and mountains, look forward to what Norway has to offer!

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  1. Norbi David says

    Dope video Simon !
    Love the edit and the drone shots. Overall a very enjoyable video and a bunch of information about Norway.
    Hope you'll do more similar videos
    Good job mate, keep them coming.
    Very good quality video here.

  2. Stephen Berry says

    What an irresistable invitation. Count us in.
    We will plot our trip using these tips for the southern half of Norway. Thanks heaps

  3. Zeppelin says

    WONDERFUL Lofoten, Senja… Svalbard…
    Greeting from Montenegro!

  4. Amir Hossain says


  5. Amir Hossain says


  6. NVMissiieey says

    This video is amazing. You completely sold me on travelling to Norway. It wasn't even on my bucketlist.

  7. Kobebryt Media says

    I like your ascent ??

  8. Dadja says

    can you drink water from the streams ?and can you camp tthere freely 😀

  9. Esther Oti says

    This is amazing! Loveeeeee all things Norway, would love to visit someday. Tusen Takk fra Nigeriask ???

  10. Theo Dellava says

    Nice content. ?? love it!

  11. TheNorseMan says

    Hadde akkurat min første roadtrip i Norge, med blandt annet Flåm, Geiranger, Trollstigen og Ålesund. Var helt fantastisk, og jeg kommer definitivt til å dra igjen for å checke av flere av disse stedene ?

  12. Isabelle Sabatella says

    Is it common for people to speak English in Norway? I’m planning a trip and my only worry is not being able to communicate with restaurant workers, business workers, or anybody else I might need to speak to.

  13. E Brown says

    Simon, I'm not certain how you ended up in my recommended video but it's the best surprise YT has sent me ever. I've enjoyed a few vids already, and looking to spend some more time watching soon. Thanks for the stellar scenery. You do an excellent job of promoting the beauty of my ancestral homeland. Cheers from Washington USA.

  14. Gigi Gigi says

    Beautiful sceneries but not for me…

  15. Joanne Cabadido says

    Norway is one of the best place I've ever been. Jeg elsker dette landet. Thank you for sharing this video. Indeed there's a lot more places that Norway has to offer.

  16. Beata Błasiak says

    Super film. You have to visit Poland. I.1. WILANOW PALACE and garden in Warsaw;  2. Royal Castl (interior) and UNESCO Old City in Warsaw; 3. Łazienki Palace (interior) in Warsaw;  4. National Galery in Warsaw; 5. Chopin's Museum in Warsaw; 6. Civilization Museum in Warsaw;  II. 1.Wrocław UNESCO OLD CITY; 2. Panorama Racławicka in Wrocław; 3. ZOO AFRICARIUM in Wrocław City; 4. CASTL IN  KSIĄŻ near Wałbrzych town; 5. Most  beautiful Baroque Roman Catholics BASILICA IN KRZESZÓW near Kamienna Góra Town; 6. Norway's  CHURCH VANG in Karpacz Town (Karkonoski National Park ).

  17. Ahmad Lahooti says

    West coast of Norway is quite beautiful, I had taken lot of footages and recently started to share them in youtube! 🙂

  18. Shakhzod Gayratov says

    you are a good photographer, but you are the worst narrator. No offense

  19. ThatoneCanadianteenYT says

    Simon says like this comment

  20. Jainal Padhiyar says

    Very nice ???? love ? from India ??

  21. Jakir Hussain says

    Hi and beautiful video

  22. Travel with Ridhi says

    Great video!

  23. Succ's for Life says

    YAY, but you fell lol!

  24. Arunveer Grewal says

    I am starting my travel journey in September, and my first stop is Norway! Can’t wait to see this beautiful country…❤️

  25. CX Nloubriel2 XD says

    Music name please

     Simon Braeck

  26. thecomfortablesideoflife says

    First of all great video and thanks for all the Information!
    How long did you spent in Norway to discover all these destinations? I´m planning a trip too but we only have the possibility to go three weeks and we are not sure if this is enough time to drive to the lofoten and back to Oslo. 🙁

  27. Leonardo da Vinci says


  28. Strider 4life says

    So this is what modern day Skyrim would look like.

  29. Tom Keefe says

    Beautiful Simon, I really enjoyed seeing some of your favorite places to visit in Norway. I always wanted to travel there, but it never happen, I let life get in my way, too old now. Glad you got to see it.

  30. Abdul Haseeb says

    How much money to visit all these places??

  31. Ilie Pirvu says

    Fantastic video. Bravo!

  32. RobinNotHood says

    Norway is beautiful! This man should deserve more attention for his work. Im currently planing to do a stay in norway to learn the language.

  33. Brandon says

    Literally discovered your videos while planning my trip to Norway and Iceland this Spring. Just got another Sub ??

  34. we are lonely in the UNIVERSE says

    I want to migrate india to Norway… because I'm practicing the "ATHISM"

  35. Marco AF says

    Oh my god

  36. Almira Uehara says


  37. ViZN says


  38. RhanaKhana Z says

    Thanks for this magic video !

  39. Reality Reviewed Stories says

    I will vote for Trump 2020 if he remove all norwegians and Scandinavians from America. We don't want natzi thinking people in America, please Sir Trump.

  40. Reality Reviewed Stories says

    Fake norway is bad and racist

  41. Teresa Davis says

    "If you have a fear of heights" HA. Oh well, have to go there without my partner who both has a fear of heights and tight spaces. Also a fear of traveling outside of the US…. so I do all my overseas travel without him.

  42. Kelp Farming says

    When Norway has more Africans and Asians i will visit. It just seems so many white people it has to be racist.

  43. Leandra Rohner says

    I recently just woke up and thought „I have to go to Norway“
    I don’t know why thought that, cause the only thing I knew about Norway was the Black-Metal Scene, which wouldn’t be a reason for me to go there (even though I like the music)
    So I just searched for Norway pics and videos and researched about the people and culture to find out if it would be something for me and now I definitely wanna go!

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