These Wii Games are worth TONS of money! (LIVE VIDEO GAME HUNTING)


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Its time to sell your Wii games…the video game market has exploded! Live Game Hunting Wii stuff in todays video.

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  1. Jean-Michel Lafrance says

    buffing wii game is really not a good idea most data is at surface so if you buff them it will most likely not work anymore. At least 3/4 of my try shown that.

  2. 4packdaddy says

    So unorganized Rick!!! It makes me want to come and organize it for you! Great videos! Keep it up!

  3. Somefoxguyouttanowhere says

    That's a Lot of merch

  4. Alexander Ward says

    So basically you just make it realy hard on everone else. Frustrates me when people just upsell stuff, this is the reason why the industry is so unbearably inflated. Just buy stuff you want to play/collect.

  5. Stalyn Quinones says

    Omg I’m so upset! I remember throwing Klonoa away as a child!

  6. Zach Fish says

    8:41 That klonoa 2 in going up in price!!!

  7. Tyhe says

    Best game you picked up was PS2 Baldur's Gate 2 Dark Alliance! That should be on your shelf!

  8. brad spitt says

    I'm sure someone already said this, but I would just sell the wii's as is. because they are easy to mod, and if your modding a wii, theres good chances, you don't need to read a disc. 🙂

  9. Steve ives says

    what we learned here kids is the Wii U sucks

  10. cheshiredon says

    Missed some in the attic bin.

  11. Chi l'ha visto? says

    The Aqua panic games is actually worth over 50 from the second store.

  12. specialformula14 says

    wii sucks

  13. Nicholas Ostrom says

    Don't pull a MJR…

  14. Do You Nerd? says

    Ooof….got some bad blood with Game XChange–in particular the $200+ credit voucher, with no expiration date, that no store will honor because it's from a closed Springfield, MO location…ugh, kills me inside ALL the time… KHAAAAAN!
    When you said you were going to live game hunt in your house, it made me think of Russ Lyman doing that–cracked us up!
    I like the Klonoa series–they're often pretty fun games.
    Ooooh, I see some Sony VHS 8hour blanks!
    While grabbing the Wii games, what about the peripherals? I saw a couple here and there and it didn't seem like you grabbed them. Maybe the market is good for the Wii but still not so much for the add-ons?

  15. FLipSide says

    I got Klonoa 2 ps2 version also one of the rare one haunting ground ps2 completed from yard sale a year ago for only 2 usd each LOL.

  16. retro_lover 97 says

    Another amazing video as always. This makes me want to sell some of my wii stuff haha. Keep up the good work and i can't wait to see how big the $10 game collection gets! Also, that's awesome that all of your thrift stores and what not are open. Im in upstate new york and im extremely jealous lol, i miss retro hunting.

  17. Tepig 2000 says

    I love Collecting for the Wii

  18. yenrab22 says

    I sold a used Nintendo Selects Wii Sports on ebay a couple weeks back for over $60. I don't understand. It was on auction too!

  19. JBowkz says

    Is there a reason you don’t link your eBay to these videos? I know you have shared the one for the 10 dollar series

  20. Jesse Warren says

    Sold a Mario party 9 disc only for 45

  21. ZPEP GAMER says

    Your Sooo right Rick "strike while the iron is hot!" Your so blessed you can still hunt, as most can't ? but we can through your vids, so thanks for the great vid. Can't wait to go chasing again soon?

  22. Bagner Estrada says

    $65 for Oregon Trail!??? Lol. Really enjoyable vid.

  23. ezekiel244 says

    I noticed (2) extreme green N64 controllers in those boxes, are either (or both) of those for sale? Let me know!

  24. Steven Khoshaba says

    Wii Sports selling like free pancakes on a Sunday

  25. Striker92 says

    Yes putt putt!! Haha Joe Montana football was that baseball signed?

  26. Laura Legends says

    You must be LOVING the new space! It looks so incredibly wicked!

  27. Aaron Stacy says

    I’ve been checking out Goodwills in my area now, not a lot of luck so far but I’ll be on the look out for Wii Sports now

  28. Bobby Danka says

    Haha "live game hunting" in your house 😛 This is so much my life…finding things I forgot I had, stored everywhere throughout my place. Cool video man, and helpful about the Wii stuff.

  29. big lez says

    Game huntings not the same anymore everyones just out there for the money except for the OG's, like when craigslist game finds was still making game find videos that was the end of game hunting being good in my province I'd say

  30. Jarmo Kylmäaho says

    13:18 two Wii U games to the right.

  31. Jonathan Manley says

    What is your eBay store so I could have a chance to buy something?

  32. niXtreme says

    Hey Man I just discovered you channel and I absolutely love it.
    If you don't mind letting me know, what camera do you use? I use a older DSLR for my channel and it only outputs at 720P so i'm looking to upgrade. Thanks.

  33. NES ADDICT says

    That poor turtle van, just sitting there waiting to be loved. ? dude you could start a small Ebay game store with all that extra stuff. ?

  34. shadowfrost44 says

    Go to a family video to get a disc resurfaced. That's what I do

  35. Michael Edwards says

    I just bought Klonoa for $60, and I’m happy I did… Love it

  36. MyRegardsToTheDodo says

    This seems to be a US-only thing. I just checked my Wii-collection (all 15 games), and prices are pretty much where they were some time ago. I even have the PAL version of Animal Crossing Wii (for some reason the PAL version isn't called "City Folk", but "Let's go to the City" instead), it's still way under 20 Euros. Same for Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros.

  37. 16BitNitWit says

    Bro, Wii Sports is like $30 right now, sell all of em

  38. Sean Flanagan says

    Haha that animal crossing is easily $70 in Australia ?

  39. ganggreen1983 says

    Those Reader Rabbits are legit for parents with kids stuck at home due to Covid and can’t go to school.
    Sell as a bunduru with one of the Wii that don’t read gold discs.

  40. Ed's Retro Geek Out says

    That’s some good wii flippin ??

  41. 34jetli says

    You have a chill wife. Mine would kill me with all that laying around. Lol!

  42. MediCali951 says

    Remember a couple months ago when EVERY YouTuber was saying retro hunting is dead and prices are going down?? Thank god I didn’t listen to those idiots and kept stocking up

  43. tylerisgreen says

    I'd buy Bayonetta 2 if it's complete for $15.

  44. Keagan 07 says

    Can you do a new room tour

  45. Elusive Logic says

    Yeah, now is the best time to sell what you aren’t attached to for sure. I’m attacking my backlog and selling it like crazy

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