This Football Team BEAT ME UP After My Soccer match


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i take my football team to Manchester to play in an amazing football match! this football competition was amazing and so fun to play in

This Football Team BEAT ME UP After My Soccer match.. For business inquiries please contact:

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  1. SV2 says


  2. swx amir says

    Why do you guys have the coolest and funniest and best coach ever

  3. David Boum says

    The dislikes are the other Football team accounts and there alts

  4. OE og says

    I don't I support Manchester United

  5. El Chapo says

    Tell me why at the end the ball went in and da keeper grabbed it

  6. Zamiah Forbes says

    Unlucky but you played a good nah h at the end WELL DONE EMAN

  7. Ofentse Motsoane says

    U where on the bench for a long time sv2

    But u a goodballer???

  8. kid. haso says

    This is unfair ?? you play well and when you reach semi finals you loos that got me staring at my laptop ?

  9. Finley Powell says

    Fc passelona are the new liverpool

  10. Israel Goodnews says

    why ant u playing

  11. Israel Goodnews says

    i looked at the team and thought #BLACKLIVESMATTER

  12. Rahul Physics_Swèat says

    The penalty by kailan or how you say it it went in but then it went out to the other goalkeepers hands

  13. Ali Merchant says

    Best ever sv2 video

  14. Bot Maks says

    Can we get 10 goals please

  15. martin banda says

    Can l came

  16. TRIAL WEB says

    i love fc parcelona

  17. footballer_eh says

    That is my old training area memories ?

  18. Feargal and Kevin YT says

    Why didn’t you play

  19. Maureen Eze says

    James E man you’re the best person in the name starts with an S and ends with a view to make sure you like and subscribe it for free dude

  20. Charmaine Keeler says


  21. Daiane Fantin says

    Its start with a s and ends with a v2

  22. Joshua Frempong-Taylor says

    saver is a baller

  23. Joshua Frempong-Taylor says

    Emans baller

  24. Ignacio Noboa says

    your a good baller

  25. Shadow_ Playz says

    I know who they were they come to my youth club and only the one with a man Bon and the one tryna fight

  26. Ismail Zaigham says

    fc karcalona is good.

  27. PantherDiger says


  28. Pxlor says

    25 mins of complementing

  29. Ethan Foley says

    7:03 WE WIN OUR FIRST GAME 4-0



  30. Shanaria Walters says

    Best youtuber is SV2 better than Tekkerz kid and Hazma

  31. Adele Frazer says

    I want to play for sv2

  32. Ryan Mc says

    You can get on the filed and play

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