This Game is Broken on DAY ONE of Launch?



Day 1 of Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated being released, a gamebreaking glitch has already been found, allowing you to beat it in under 3 Minutes.
Let’s pray it does not get patched now? What do you guys think?

Carl who originally found this glitch:

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  1. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim says

    at first I thought this video will involve the red barrier lines by the edges

  2. master brute says

    I just bought this game for my child and it's a broken piece of garbage s*** and he can't get through it because your game was made like a piece of trash and things are not working the way they're supposed to so how about you fix your goddamn game I paid $30 for it specifically doing the little ball puzzle in the Mur layer and the ball changes speeds randomly and the little stop points change how long they last in Stick randomly instead of staying the same amount of time in the same amount of speed fix this garbage

  3. Nathaniel N says

    Targeted advertising just hit me with a commercial for this.

  4. Mark says

    There is literally a speedrun for prob every single game made.

  5. The Game Archiver says

    Gamers find a way..

  6. Quinton Conoly says

    Would remapping two buttons to A also work?

  7. Maniche Carby says

    why are people upset about this isn't it good for speed running

  8. Soglod says

    It ain’t “broken” if you just play the game normally

  9. Hizumi Zaigo says

    Can't you just remap one of your buttons on the controller to the "A" button to do it?

  10. vehtty says

    Enter the Dragonfly disease

  11. Jadaya Indigo says

    this is why i respect 100% type runs more than Any %

  12. Homo Sapien Gaming says

    It’s funny bc obviously there was a bug on day one of a game that they made in 10 months

  13. Symbiotic Void Munkey says

    so basically whoever discovered this held the speedrun record for beating the game.

  14. megasour1993 says

    You said "actually" 20 times at least. We already believe what you're saying. It's bad habit to pad your wording with the same word over and over. Fun video bud

  15. C.K.C says

    Yeah like little Tommy will all of a sudden think to use two controllers to hit the same button within one frame to bypass all of the levels to then strategically hide behind pillars to fight the final boss. This isn't really a big deal and it doesn't really effect anyone who doesn't want to be effected by it. Does that make sense or no? Probably not… idk I just want likes

  16. Mdra3000 says

    I don’t get why people are so butt hurt by this video, it’s simply explaining that a game could be beaten in 3 minutes on the first day of launch. Wet wipes like to complain about everything i guess

  17. Joe Bishop says

    I got on top of chum bucket without the cruise bubble

  18. Raine says

    because its not like this is a remaster of an already popular speedrun game thats been out for nearly 2 decades or anything…

  19. Randomizer says

    I seriously found 2 glitches and both of them got me stuck

  20. The koffing boy says

    Most games are

  21. Zelda and Mario

    Pokemon : am I a joke to you

  22. Frosty Cane says

    The game is kinda buggy tbh. Way more than the original in sand mountain o paid for the hook bungee game without talking to plankton first and know I’m locked out of getting a spatula

  23. Luke Garfield says

    Video: Game is so broken
    Also Video: "You need to play using two controllers for this glitch"
    Makes you wonder what kind of asshat wants to take the fun out of games completely & ends up plugging in an unnecessary controller just to beat it…$40 down the drain in 5 minutes

  24. Smokey ツ says

    Speedrun: 3min
    This video: 7min

  25. Luciano Garcia Montes says

    People shouldn't be amazed, though. I'll share my experience:
    I was able to reproduce the glitch in my laptop simply by plugging in my DS4 and launching DS4Windows, and then opening the game. Selected the Chum Bucket Lab… and there it was, the game asking me to travel there. No double input with another keyboard or something like that, I only pressed X.

  26. blocbrain says

    its not like everything works on the first day of launch

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