THIS IS AZERBAIJAN? | Baku Travel Vlog


We only had one day to spend in Baku, Azerbaijan, and we loved this beautiful city! We couldn’t believe how big and modern it was. Reminds us of Dubai! Highlights of this travel vlog include a huge delicious traditional Azerbaijani lunch in an underground restaurant, getting lost in the Baku Old City, and riding a funicular to the top of the mountain to enjoy the sunset over the city. We also tried our first Turkish ice cream experience!

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Travel vlog 550 | Baku, Azerbaijan | Country #80

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  1. Ayu C10 says

    azerbaijan Which country is the island in America or Europe? really beautiful country ??❤
    Love from Indonesia ??

  2. Qezenfer Memmedov says

    COME İN BAKU AZERBAİJAN????????????????????

  3. Abdulla AL Mehanna says

    so cringe!


    Nice I am in Pakistan love azarbahijan

  5. Sona Mkhitaryan says


  6. Ես էմ Քավորը says

    Azerbaijan ????

  7. Learn English Azer says

    Azerbaycan Türkiye sizi seviyorum Biz türküz.

  8. ibvivuvvj novbv says

    Baku ?????????????????????????

  9. Michael says

    Turkey is with beautiful Azerbaijan ????

  10. Gül Nar says

    4:48 amazing

  11. Cavad Musayev says

    Go to GENCE(GANJA)

  12. Cavad Musayev says

    Nice video?????

  13. Cavad Musayev says


  14. Арти М 1 says
  15. Jack Aquino says

    Fuckkkkkk azerbaijan bullshit? country from armenia❤

  16. So So says


  17. E. T. says

    I love Azerbaijan ❤

  18. Jared Hassell says

    Greatest ice cream vendor of all time (GICVOAT). Jared in Nashville.

  19. Akif Demirturk ツ says

    Selamın Aleyküm azerbaycan


  20. M- Media says

    Armenia VS Azerbaijan

  21. Ankit Sakhare says

    Love Azerbaijan ?? from India ??

  22. Arman Yousefi says

    Love from ?? ❤❤??

  23. Depsi Yusif OFFİCİAL says


  24. Luke Andersson says

    Azerbaijan is such a amazing country ❤❤❤❤

  25. William Carter says

    The ice cream trick can be a bit boring after a while lol

  26. Phantom_Eclipse says

    Am I the only f1 fan that peed their pants when they walked through the castle section of the circuit

  27. Flombik TV says

    What a beautiful couple! Awesome vlog! I will be glad to see you on my channel and walk-in Baku one more time!

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