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  1. Aman says

    It's called football

  2. PRISNU PakDe Dayak says

    Amazing machine

  3. Josh Farley says

    How many times it’s football not soccer

  4. Chefy Sudirzain says

    woooooow…i'm from indonesia

  5. おやじゅん says


  6. Euan . says


  7. Harley Robertson says


  8. Blackhawksfan 20 says

    This video randomly appeared in my recommendation feed. Perfect for quarantine period.

  9. U Wot says

    American soccer

  10. Jérôme says

    The editing is so not satisfying.. The rushes don't match what's being said and they just always go back and forth and it's just messy

  11. Uncommon Valour says

    That Japanese stadium is insane!!

  12. Saturday Nights In says

    British: make a sensible and valid point about why a sport that involves kicking a ball should be called football, not soccer.


  13. Jose Lopez says

    Anyone knows how can I get that grass at my house

  14. Ancient Mariner says

    …. but my coach told me that storks delivered them

  15. L says


  16. Arturo Guerrero says

    someone knows the song at the end of the video

  17. Dede Maulana says

    Luar biasa

  18. giovani rivaldi says

    Stop saying soccer mate, this is footbal, the real one

  19. Wet Socks says

    why is everyone losing their shit over a word? He’s European, we know but it’s just a fucking word you knobs.

  20. Nerf Shooter says

    5:48 You say it's in London yet you say It can be used for NFL And American football? ARE YOU SURE IT'S IN LONDON!

  21. Aaron Rock says

    What the fuck is soccer?

  22. Bahman Borzou says

    The name is football

  23. R Dddd says

    Ha where do I get the school and where do you go to pick it off at the top and pick you pick it off and pick you pick up at school or do I go to school or pick up the school or pick you pick it off and I will meet you at the bottom of the bottom up and I go to school with school stuff stuff I don’t want you going out of the office and pick up the kids and I will meet you at the office pick it off at the office and I will meet you there and pick it off and pick it out I can go to the office and meet me up there I can pick up the stuff and go to the office and then pick you pick it off and I go to school and I will pick it out I can go to school with school stuff stuff I can pick you pick

  24. Joan DelUr says


  25. Fulanito D'tal says

    …there is more people around the world that uses the Spanish word "futbol"

  26. Talent Talented FC says


  27. isaac kraho says

    What is soccer? Never seen that game.

  28. ★_Vizualize_★ says

    The whole world calls it Football not Soccer. America isn't the whole world.

  29. bhagwan gangapersad says


  30. deez nuts says

    You meant "FOOTBALL" right.

  31. Twan Silkens says

    The Netherlands is only good for making grass well that’s something to be proud of

  32. David says

    It’s not flop proof tho…

  33. Anu says

    all this is done so that bunch of guys can play for sometime..

  34. Johnmark Fobi says

    how much is the field size cost. link me up

  35. James says

    Other than calling it soccer grass, nice video

  36. Rkg_rizz 55 says

    Football not soccer

  37. Evans Kiprono says

    let soccer not be the issue,

  38. Darkwear GT says

    Petition for title to be football

  39. Darkwear GT says

    Football idiot

  40. DannyC7 says

    As an American I was surprised to see that you said soccer and then hear your from ??

  41. Lokesh R says

    Incredible video! Keep it up!

  42. Karen says

    How much it cost to build this?

  43. Dikefalos Originale says

    Κάντε το share μπας και το δει καμία ομάδα της superleague και superleague 2…

  44. Lödę says

    It’s football not soccer

  45. ImSezq 09 says


  46. verylonelyboi says

    6 fucking mid-roll ads

  47. Wendy says


  48. eliasdzn says

    It’s soccer stop getting mad

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