Thriller of an Opening Batting innings | Full GoPro POV Instant Cricket Match| ||P'sCTV19||


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  1. Chinmay Debnath says

    Good beaten

  2. the amazing Gamer says

    I am a club cricketer too loved the leg glance which I am trying

  3. # Nimwilon says

    پیارے دوستو ، دیکھیں انگلینڈ بمقابلہ ویسٹ انڈیز ٹیسٹ کرکٹ میچ ہمارے چینل پر براہ راست. watch england west indies test match live on our channel today

  4. ツRanjit says

    Steve Smith: hooyah!!!
    Pawan: wait!!!!

  5. Gagagaga JT says

    How do you get your GoPro so clear

  6. Srijay.A Vll G 28 Tricky says

    Well bro super

  7. Sarvesh Krishna says

    What will be ball speed

  8. Akshat Mishra says

    Slow bowling and slow hitting.

  9. TITAN GAMING 122 says


  10. TITAN GAMING 122 says
  11. Stranger boy says

    Bhai aankh mai number ajaenge….bandh karo

  12. Shanu Sarangdevot says

    Cricket in FPP

  13. 369 Cricket says

    Can i talk to you

  14. Umii It Studio says

    This is sarialanka team

  15. The Red Angle says

    Nice job but what level is this? India me to bhoot bana dete aisi bowling ka.

  16. rithik lunkad G says

    TPP Mode
    If you know what I mean#PUBG

  17. Dani khan001 says

    You must work Really hard! Also, I Want To be friends

  18. Mystery Rider says

    For an opener, your batting style doesn't suit… On a medium pace bowling, you're just pushing the ball while you can play proper drives…

  19. Rahil Yousuf says

    I think this is a simplest method to teach how to bat

  20. Papa Rao says

    Keeper also need a CAM

  21. Varun Singh says

    Below par

  22. Bengia Nikum says

    Bowling is too poor..

  23. Sunny Kumar says

    Dizzy fr me

  24. KaideVlogz says

    Day 1 of asking Pawan to watch my cricket video

  25. Bikram Mondal says

    This is a perfect and practical way to learn.

  26. Akshay Subhash says

    Bruh in which country are you?
    Just want to know the place

  27. Jyothish Chandran says


  28. deewAnaa84 says

    Seems like watching hand of bowler is literally impossible !!!

  29. Eternal CCD says

    You can see the earth is round.;)

  30. XDXDXD says

    Thanks to youtube for recommending this ?

  31. Kodigudla Poornima says

    The pitch offered less bounce making the batting much simpler there

  32. Akash Choudhary says


  33. Shivam Patel says

    The batsman sucks . Doesn't know to bat

  34. ADARSH SINGH says

    Sust criketrs

  35. _ŞаHLт _ says

    Baseball needs to add this

  36. polker abhay says

    I miss cricket ?

  37. adesh giri says

    This guy not pulling or slashing even at 120 kmph.
    Mitchell Starc would surely kill him then..

  38. adesh giri says

    Missing cricket, not matches.. Cricket which I played with my mates.. ??

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