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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Behavior scientist and expert on habit formation BJ Fogg shares “The Maui Habit”, the one “tiny habit” he says is the most powerful and most effective to come from his work at Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab. You’ll be surprised how simple it is!

Behavior scientist, expert on habit formation, founder of Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab, one of Fortune’s “10 new gurus you should know.”

BJ Fogg, PhD directs the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University. An experimental psychologist, BJ creates groundbreaking models and methods for changing human behavior.

Each year, BJ designs a new course to teach at Stanford, with topics ranging from mobile persuasion to health habits. His former students have created many successful companies, including Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn) and Instagram (acquired by Facebook).

BJ is the author of Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, the first book to explain how technology can be designed to influence people. Fortune selected him as one of 10 “New Gurus You Should Know.”

Over the last three years, BJ has personally coached more than 20,000 people, using a simple and effective method called “Tiny Habits.”

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  1. Surya Prakash says

    That's fantastic

  2. Surya Prakash says

    That's good

  3. Surya Prakash says

    It's going be a great day.

  4. knightangel 281991 says

    It's going to be a great day and it is.

  5. Justin Gardner says

    “I’m all about practice” – yeah, the practice of ripping off a bit-part character in a Hollywood Movie! ;-).

  6. Justin Gardner says

    So the guy has 500,000 research points but he rips off a line from Jerry Macguire!! It’s the guy from Jerry Macguire who claps his hands and says “Today is going to be a great day” every morning. Only in the US could you get away with ripping off a Hollywood Movie and then centre a book and TED talk on it without anyone calling you out – hahaha

  7. Phillip S says

    I know you see one of these comments on every TEDx talk, but this has been the most life-changing talk I've ever seen. I've incorporated the "Tiny Habits" method to PHENOMENAL success in the past few months. Highly recommend watching it and highly recommend BJ Fogg's book. You won't regret it.

  8. Loretta Duby says
  9. Jim Hammond says

    Great idea! Plant the seed! So here it is. Read The first Chapter of The Book of Romans in The Bible.

  10. Jim Hammond says

    We Christians have a word of God that is very similar. It says: "This is day that The Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it."

  11. Candace Rushing says

    I’m changing it to, “I’m going to have a productive day!” (With a big smile.) That’s what I’ve been struggling, and where I need to anchor my mindset and focus.

  12. LynnP says

    Great natural speaker

  13. Marie-Joelle Raussou says

    Great talk about behaviour and habits, things I have been doing a while without knowing the scientific foundations about it.

  14. Mary Feagan says

    Thank you, so helpful and simple! Did you wonder where our perfection anxiety came from? I think it came from the old Judaic/Christian notion of God as judge, of studying kinds of sin, all that. Thank God more and more of us have bigger and better concepts of God as Source, as the Force, as Love, as the One "in Whom we live and love and have our being, as Consciousness." Mary Feagan

  15. Emm Catherine says

    Thank You BJ Fogg for an insightful talk.

  16. AhLeung Cheng says

    Yes, it's going to be a GREAT day, thanks! 🙂

  17. Mark Dismang says

    HABIT stands for: Highly Acquired Behavior Intensely Trained.

  18. Soha Noha says

    His explanation is calming ?

  19. Jon Jo Hypno Gill says

    Fanbloodytastic book, it's going to be an amazing day.

  20. Maghfirah Rifaad says



    Today is going to be a MauiWaui Day!….literally!….I'm back home in Maui.???

  22. Awaecnan: Weight Loss Specialist says

    you explained tiny habits & patterns really well, thanks for the tips I'll remember this next time!

  23. Xu Weichen says

    good speech

  24. Natalie King says

    Will start doing this as from tomorrow morning thank you ?

  25. Di R says

    Get to the point. Quit it with the gem, made me not even want to finish the video.

  26. EPC English Incorporation says

    Spectacularly cool.

  27. roxanne richardson says

    I am sure that saying "It's going to be a great day!", will stop the Chicago gangs from shooting me as a required gang initiation ritual. Really dude?

  28. Zenon says

    so all you have to do to have a great day is to say "it's going to be great?" – sounds like BS wishful thinking.

  29. Helen Conner says

    I do it the first time I look into a mirror – usually when I'm about to brush my teeth or comb my hair.

  30. Nikhil Mathew James says

    20 days into the tiny habits.. And doing great.. it works

  31. Barry St.Clair says


  32. flower love says

    Enjoyed learned, the trigger, your passion!

  33. Mana Lani says

    thank you…tiny habit is a great giant teaching.

  34. taller look taller in pants says


  35. Blah Smith says

    It’s going to be a great day 🙂

  36. yveline semeria says

    My warmest thanks, BJ Fogg. Today is already a great day on my island of Manhattan for meeting you here, on Tedx. All in one AM moment, you gifed me with a Great Day AND I Am So Grateful for you. Your luminous gentleness and powerful motivational invitation are a rare combination. Another "tiny habit" that is fun and radically transforms life:" If it takes 2 mns or less, do it right away. "offered by David Allen is going to be in excellent company with yours. Great power juice for the day!

  37. MrPelikan500 says

    as a person looking for lasting positive change … BJ Fogg had many great gems

    plant a good seed (intrinsic positive self-benefit …) , in a right spot (love, fun, laughter …) … it will bloom naturally without further intervention … (lasting change … stickiness)

  38. MauiJOY says

    BJ Fogg PhD is one of the most JOYful and enlightening teachers based on true science. Today is a GREAT day on Maui for sure! I love what and how he explains that these tiny habits can help to create even more beneficial habits. It's a GREAT day for a Maui style beach gathering for FUN with friends, and for me to hit a zinger across the table tennis board! Mahalo Nui Loa,

  39. Fahad Ayoub says

    Why am i crying listening to him…

  40. Bobby says

    placebo effect

  41. Dave Johnson says

    "It's going to be a GREAT DAY!"

  42. Fawad Charkhi says

    Thank you so much

  43. #1Lazer says

    How about the struggle of waking up enough to put my feet on the floor, so I can exercise this tiny habit?

  44. Touger Thao says

    Kudos to Zig Ziglar! In his programs, he has people star off with this exact phrase, "Today is going to be a great day!" BJ Fogg is reaffirming with data what Zig has taught for decades.

  45. Peter Fossick says

    Alcoholics Anonymous practice these tiny habits and teach them, –  have done for sinces the 1930s. Postive thinking, gratitude, out of self.

  46. Nimrod Priell says

    Today is going to be a great day!

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