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  1. Rishi Raj says

    His target may be place in bjp…against tdp and ysrcp

  2. Raj lucky says

    Jai pspk

  3. ravi 777 says

    Pk nu chuste jali vestundi. Political Powerless star waiting for power to become a political star.

  4. Srinu Lorry says

    Rip rgv sir ???

  5. Srinu Lorry says

    Jai janasana ✊✊✊

  6. vm kavitha says

    Sushant ?

  7. Arjun Reddy says

    DILBECHARA Movie ??


    Dil bechara super hit sushanth bhai

  9. Naveen Konda says

    Jai Prabhas

  10. Sri Lakshmi says

    Dil bechara? Naa jeevitham lo nenu chusina? great and excellent? movie sushanth Singh rajput na jevitamlo nenu chusina great Hero? great dancer? great kind hearted person? very nice movie I miss you sushanth? sir please come back we want you justice for sushanth Singh rajput ?? I love sushanth Singh rajput sir smail and shining eyes ?

  11. single king says
  12. Dadolla Praveentg says

    Jai prabhas Anna ?????

  13. Santosh Kumar says you susanth sir i.miss you movie super ????????

  14. Shaik Mohammed Uzair says

    Super movies dil bechara

  15. Har A RR raju says

    Bollywood antha Khan's,khapoors hawane.
    South ante ento chupistharu thondaralone." A R RAHMAN" INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DIRECTOR so Bollywood kakapothe emi thokka. South vundi ma vodiki.

  16. Anil maddy says

    @ Dilbachara movie Supperrrrr…Excellent GA Undi..Rip you Sushant you Sooo muchhhh

  17. swaroop B H A I says

    Mis u Sushant

  18. Sheshadri Reddy says

    Die hard fan of sushant

  19. cherry Satish says

    Ramcharan Anna

  20. RAKESH GOWD says

    Tell about v movie

  21. balu g says

    Oscar person is not fit for Bollywood means, Don't suppress and divide India into

  22. Hari darling says

    Jai Prabhas Anna ?

  23. Gopi chand says

    Jai darling

  24. vaishali aathimika says

    Deepika shud be boycotted next project she is d one of those lobbiess links ISI for her publicity sge goes JNU but not spoken on SSR death its such an hypocrisy
    Thankgod fr realisation
    V dont want bcoz of her our rebel star image get ruined
    Mr.nagashwin its a humble request remove her from pan world cinema

  25. kore kala jyothi says

    Dil bechara ???? miss u Rajkumar junior

  26. Ravik Kanuku says

    Susanth malli thirige ravaa

  27. bolodevo behera says

    Jay prabhas

  28. Sathish rock says

    Dil bechra superb movie.. we all missed bhaiya ??? #sushant Singh Rajput #❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  29. sravan prince says

    Sushanth Annayya plzzz come back Annayya plzzz…??????

  30. Chandu Chandra says

    Dan wat about tollywood nepotism

  31. Manoz.s says

    No rebleism only pawanism

  32. Sk Asif says

    RGV movies nice

  33. sreenu pk film industry says

    Jai powerstar????❤

  34. Yashoda Mohan says

    We miss you sushanth

  35. Rudhravaram manohar says


  36. vijay kumar says

    Jai bunnyism….

  37. vijay kumar says

    Jai allu arjun

  38. Vinay Kumar says

    Emotional heart ? touching climax

  39. sharon studio palakol says

    Sushanth Singh rajput

  40. yerupalli Prakash says

    Rip return if possible ?

  41. David Taylor says
  42. Umar Shaik says

    Jai Prabhas Anna

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