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9 slips in cricket

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  1. Goodness Godson says

    Is this Uk humor with the laugh track? Feels so 90’s Lol

  2. Saif _Jr says

    The edited laugh ruined the whole video so a dislike for that.

  3. harryofla says

    Laugh track ruins it

  4. Surajit Nath Vlogs says
  5. Hassan Abbas says

    haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaa

  6. Jodut Fahad says

    Why the Mr. Bean laugh

  7. imyr shiba says

    7.57 is best

  8. nEmO 007 says


  9. Cricket Moments says

    CPL Best Moment;

  10. Aaliyah Angel says
  11. Mike Fossati says

    had to stop watching, someone remake this please without the lame-o-track

  12. Shivam Pethkar says

    Pakistan leading the race here????????????

  13. wexfordrob says

    I fucking hate cricket. Most boring game ever

  14. Nakched Nakched says

    My best player is Kohli

  15. Adrian Quiñones says

    This isn’t funny

  16. Stanly Sim says

    WOW This looks like so much fun i am literally on the edge of my seat wOw.

  17. Adam Sadiq says

    The laughter track is ridiculous. It ruins the video.

  18. Joshua Edmondson says


  19. Amal BaBbz says

    who is that girl cute smile

  20. Marc Dennler says

    The one in the Balls, they might just have got it as " a beating around the bush " ??

  21. Hameed Malik says

    How it was possible that two Government-certified fools Shahid Afridi and Umar Gul created such an astonishing synchronised video. I am sure that is a new world record in cricket 200-year old history

  22. Farooq Jan says

    Top 10 best wicket keeper catches.

  23. Somnath Ruidas says

    Bhai o 500 nahi tha 500 dollar tha

  24. Anas Vlog says

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