Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Again!


AVOID THESE FOODS if you want to live a long healthy life. There are so many bad foods that a list of the Top 10 worst foods would be incomplete. Therefore Dr Ekberg has divided foods into 10 different categories and help you understand the properties that make each category destructive to health. By understanding why a category is bad, you can draw parallels and know virtually all foods to avoid without memorizing any lists.

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  1. Mark says

    What about oats,,as I like overnight natural oats for breakfast ?

  2. Egerton Bullock says

    Is frying with peanut oil as bad as other vegetable oils?

  3. Lisa Trautner says

    MSG gave me the worst headache and Soy gave me the worst heartburn!

  4. Susan Lea says

    My son went to a boarding school that fed the students nonfood from GMO to every bad item on your list, and they used a Registered Dietician to sign off on this despicable tragedy. Not only are the McDonald's of the food industry killing and poisonings Americans, they got the Registered Dieticians to give them legitimacy and cover their wrongdoing. Shame on Registered Dieticians.

  5. James Lewis says

    Skeletor. Creepy.

  6. SPANKFLIX says

    If I was Sweden I'd want him back

  7. S Deee says

    How do you not eat sugar. It’s in everything!!

  8. k Campos says

    Fda should. Really regulate. Some of these foods and ingredients are banned in other. Countries…

  9. Iam-Hanss Acosta says

    Thank u so much dr u are honestly the best dr out there, thanks a lot for all this valuable info ??????

  10. Funky Fungi says

    Sorry but I disagree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with MSG. It is one of the biggest health fallacies going for the last 40 years. It started with a small town doctor in Vermont not based on any studies. It is perfectly harmless. Do you want to consume tons of it? Absolutely not. But on the surface, it is merely combination of an amino acid and salt. It’s not poison.

  11. Reinaldo Pereda says

    The one and only thing that i keep braking my head is after all of this we are suppose to be protected by our goverment, by an agency call FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION what happen here, is like they don't exist ONLY MONEY AND POWER

  12. TheEtherIsReal says

    I think there is a place for reduced fat products as well as artificial sweeteners, but I believe you have to approach these things with the right mindset. For me I'm taking steps in changing my diet to reduce calories that I take in, while also remaining satiated throughout the day. To that end I have to ask, "Are the health problems these products potentially going to cause more or less serious than the excess weight I have on my frame." And for me losing that weight is priority number 1, and if artificial sweeteners help, if lite options help, then it's worth it at the end of the day. Until then, I'll just have to wait and see.

  13. Tumbox says

    Americans need to watch this.

  14. James Russell says

    Very interesting and informative video…from the republic of Ireland

  15. Sean Harvey says

    This is one of the most important food videos on Youtube.

  16. Mr Green Gold says

    Is stevia ok??

  17. Buck Haberthy says

    no to Starbucks! not a organic option. Go with Abbey Roast coffees and brew yourself

  18. merl bethel says

    This is hard this is mostly all the things we have on the self in the poor Neighborhoods … I may just Exercise And do Intermittent fasting simple ..

  19. Ben Rogencamp says

    I'm gonna go and disagree with the point on GMO, I feel like the doc dropped the ball a bit on the explanation and was very nondescript with the reasoning. GMO just means that the plant species has been adapted through scientific means, essentially forced evolution. GMO's aren't full of chemicals or anything, they are still grown out of the ground like an unmodified species. Saying you shouldn't eat GMO's is like saying if you want a dog, you should get a wild wolf because domesticated dogs are unnatural (which they are, but that's ok because they've been made for a purpose).

  20. The Tree says

    Indian cook all vegetables in oil. How can they survive now?

  21. Tricia Fontenot says

    Wow, thanks for the information. Im going to start avoiding these foods

  22. Dany Stasolla says

    Sorry Doc, but nearly all fruits and vegetables are genetically modified in some way… And that's not always a bad thing. Some foods are more nutritious due to gmo modification.

  23. Paul Rigg says

    Why dont you say……just dont eat????

  24. janelyn peteros says

    how about oatmeal?

  25. Katy K says

    How about stevia?

  26. Woken Millennial says

    Dr Sten – You saved my life last year…Anorexia drove me to over excersising and using fat burners leading me to adrenal Fatigue – i was looking for answers and found your video on AF and 6 months later im now back and fitter than ever.I still keep away from intese workouts but i learned about my body and new eating habits and i made changes that will stick with me for life – Thankyou!!!!

  27. Eunice Derenne says

    Toothpaste has aspartame.

  28. San San says

    Why is this video 31 minutes it could be shorter the average bright side video is 11 minutes no nine minutes

  29. Vegan Truth says

    As I eat as much sugar aka fuel

  30. Dayan Hamine says


  31. Joshua Guy says

    So what is you're best option for whole grain bread in today's day and age.

  32. Jose Ruiz says

    Can you add a top ten list on the foods that are bad for cats and dogs? And thank you for this video I just learned what not to eat!! Thank you ?

  33. matkasim says

    Food technologists should be blamed for all this

  34. Joshua Gardner says

    There's nothing left to eat…..Damn

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