Top 10 Funniest Run-Outs in Cricket History | Cricket 18


Top 10 Funniest Run-Outs in Cricket History | Cricket 18

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  1. Cricket 18 says

    No.4 was Not Out, Mistakenly added in this Video.

  2. Baby Doll says


  3. STAR CRICKET says


  4. ahsan king says


  5. Sai nadh reddy says

    1 and 2 ?????

  6. The Major Gaming says

    , ????

  7. IS says

    No. 9 7 and 5 are probably mixed up run outs

    And if you did not know then cricket is actually my top favourite sport

  8. Vikas Kumar Singh says

    Where is sir injemam

  9. raieedsalkar salkar says

    Really last one the best of all and I just can't stop laughing??????????

  10. Sai Re1th says

    More videos are Pakistanis ?

  11. Shubham Jangra says

    Title: funniest run outs in cricket

  12. New Hope says

    Were the last two playing on a watered ground?

  13. Fahmida Tithi says


  14. Ameer Kamboh says

    Bahi not mentioned teams and players

  15. Haroon Ifran says


  16. Sparkle Creations says

    100k wow

  17. Debajyoti Bose says

    Other than the annoying music, good video

  18. jeswin sukumon says

    I cant stop laughing ???????
    Most of Pakistan batsman ?????
    Inzi runout legend ?????????????

  19. Santosh Padhy says

    Jaya jagannatha

  20. Bodhisattya Ghosh says

    Run out of Pakistan ??

  21. Sanjay Sharma says

    No. 3 was the funniest

  22. Yuvinesh Balamurgan says

    the 9th one mistake was with the batsman because the batsman was looking at the ball not the runner

  23. Pradeep Kumar says


  24. Parveen Ray says

    7 and 10 ???

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