Top 12 Best Anime Games For Android/iOS 2020 #1


New best anime games for Android & iOS 2020 part 1 l VinIsHere

*Anime Means Japanese animation incase you guys not familiar

My discord group come join in! We all like animes in there :-

Part 2 of new anime games Go check it out:-

New animes games for my anime fans 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated with all new latest anime games that gets on mobile!
All these games are officially licenced

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Punishing Gray Raven (Android released cn version)- (for both Android & iOS links visit my webpage below):-

2)Doraemon Speed Test:- (under beta):-

3)Mob Psycho 100:-

4)Bleach Soul Bankai:-

5)Girl Cafe Guns (Jp version. & Cn version):- (Android & iOS links + how to play visit my webpgae below):-

6)Crossing Void- Global:-

7)Sword Art Online Alicization Steel:-

8)The King Of Fighters All Star:-

9)Ragnania (Android & iOS cn version released for Links visit my webpage below):-

10)LoveLive! school Idol All Star (for both Android & iOS download links/info size visit my webpage below):-

11)Re: Zero Infinity:- (game info + how to login & links/size visit my webpage below):-

12)My Hero Academia:- (cbt got over it’s coming soon for pre- registration link & info about game follow the above webpage):-

In-game Songs:-

1)Summer Was Fun & Laura Brehm:-
2)Benjen- Sloth:-
3)Nightcore- I hate Love:-
4)Acence- About you:-
5)Lost Sky- Vision:-


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  1. Kira Kujo says

    There is also Bleach Brave Souls, which is a very good game and I wish you added it too but I still liked your ranking :>

  2. Crying Meow Meow says

    are their all offline or online?

  3. H.A.C Leader says

    For "Android"
    I don't have the games

  4. Nate Playz says

    Now sword art I’m definitely downloading that game the anime series is good ???

  5. AxA playzz says

    Are this online games

  6. Ochaco Uraraka says

    I’m on iOS nd I tried downloading the bnha game but I couldn’t find it am I the only one :c?

  7. Xo_amber 133 says

    They really need to make these Anime games on the switch

    Fire Force
    Black Clover
    Maid Sama
    Fruits Basket
    Rosario Vampire
    Assassin’s Pride
    Death Note
    Bungou Stray Dogs
    Hunter X Hunter
    Black Butler
    Blue Exorcist
    Food Wars
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Baka to Test
    Cowboy Bebop
    Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
    Familiar of Zero
    One Punch Man
    Black Butler
    Lucky star
    Sailor Moon
    Vampire Knight
    Mob Psycho 100
    Soul Eater
    Miss kobayashi’s dragon maid

  8. ragadewa adipatra says

    Ini aku cari berkali kali di play store yang re zero kok gak bisa ya tolong kasih tau dong soalnya penggemar berat animenya nih…???

  9. Takeshi UwU says

    How do you even download it?….

  10. Neverminer_HD says

    Dokkan battle top 1

  11. Souk Knight says

    My hero academia!!!!

  12. Gamer 441 says

    Kick flight is a nice game

  13. NOMERCY PRO says

    Sub for sub

  14. Xxhent lawrenceXx says


  15. RickV Gaming says

    hey guys… i make cool anime gaming content……..subscribe to my channel to watch new anime gaming videos daily ……ill do my best to produce quality content for all of you

  16. Noah Pesigan says

    Where to download??

  17. Top Games says

    Like if you want him to reach 1Million subs

  18. POLO says

    4:15 girls boob ?

  19. rama montu says
  20. •_• says

    How can I download the my hero aca in the link?

  21. Octane , says

    Me: Hm crossing void looks cool looks at size of game: JEZUS FUCK

  22. Super mario blooper4 says

    Kof all star is not an anime game

  23. Ariel Wu says

    Wait, what about honkai impact

  24. shadow ninja says

    #kindking check out my YouTube video it's cool plz

  25. shadow ninja says
  26. shadow ninja says

    Just imagine what could be in Hero Academy like it might be a multiplayer or single player or like 2 player like which is which like you gotta try it so cool but i haven't play but still like which is which hmm right ?????

  27. AljimGamer young says


  28. 《ÃDDÏŚØÑ DÜH》 says

    I need this


    If it has me

  29. Eli Nanu says

    That is so mean I didnt find my hero academia I really wanned to play it:(

  30. Brenton says

    Makes me cum thanks

  31. Gregory Edwards says

    Thanks Vin!

  32. Windy nxght says

    seven deadly sins

  33. MOX TY says

    All Games is Online ????

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