Top 5 iOS 12 Features!


iOS 12 actually has some A+ new features – here they’re all in one place!

Dat iOS 12 wallpaper:

iPhone X Review:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Delta by C2C


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  1. Juxtin 7 says

    Anyone here In 2020?

  2. Golf4Life 1 says

    Lol this old asf

  3. Tom Phitty says

    Boring compared to iOS 13 and 14.

  4. Mohammed Al Shehhi says


  5. Davyave says

    delta as an intro song? i love marques

  6. Sam Mai says

    Marques, as an Australian I thank you, sincerely thank you for saying koala and not koala bear!!

  7. Abdullah Almamun says

    where can i get this wallpaper in high resolution?

  8. リバイアライアン says

    When no ones using iPhone 6 anymore or iPhone 5s..they using iPhone 10 as a subject for it..

  9. Niyaz Ansari says

    i like your video ??
    from indian

  10. Benjamín Juhás says

    I wanna ask you, one question. I gat iphone 8 but notifications from youtube when i get them they come but without sound. I got turn on notification and sound on all notification but only from youtube they didn't have sound. Can you help me why they dont working? It's can be new ios 12.4.1?

  11. Martin Garcia says

    Lupe answer the phone

  12. Profilic admin says

    Why not split screen yeet

  13. Umar Khan says

    iOS 11 was just shit ngl…

  14. Samnang Gaming says

    at 1:28 it 3:43 then it then to 10

  15. spartking says


  16. Robert R. Beauchamp says

    My first iphone was the iphone 3. My iPhone 8 + is my last iPhone. GPS hasn’t worked reliably since iOS 11 and a new iPhone costs more than a computer. I so miss Steve Jobs. Apple is now worse than it was after they fired Jobs and hired the idiot from Pepsi. Tim Cook and his SJWs just don’t have “the vision thing.”

  17. its ios 11 but with new nams to milk more stupid customers ?

  18. Dara dj says

    Enjoy help the

  19. Dara dj says

    Thanks for let me know about it

  20. oleg olegoff says

    wallpaper only was changed since ios 7.

  21. Kalle Sipilä says

    A few years down the line? You cam do a ton with notifications even now just by long pressing/3d touching the notification depending what phone you have. Works incredibly well and I reply to all messages without opening the app. For different apps it also gives you a preview of some content, like a picture and gives you shortcuts specific to the app. Super useful.

  22. jfw 03 says

    Even the galaxy note 3 has split screen multitasking lol

  23. Ayy Lmao says

    Just let us multitask, I just use the macbook now to watch videos at this point.

  24. W.C. says

    Yall saw dwyane johnson in the text

  25. Ricky Franc says

    ok marques clear your notifications babes

  26. King Neptune says

    When are we going to get dual windows

  27. TechGoku says

    Auto spam message filter would give inner peace ✌️

  28. Aahsan Avir says


  29. Miguel Santamaria says

    mark ass brownie

  30. Slim shady 1999 says

    Memoji looks better than AR emoji they look ugly ??

  31. Michael Jakob says

    Mark Ass Brownie

  32. Danny Brockman says

    Thank you for this!!!!!??????

  33. Island Rebel Ent. says

    Julio Rod beat me to it but Marq there is still no multi screen ? What up wit dat!!

  34. Mohamed Osama says

    Fucking animoji
    Fuck animoji
    Who the hell takes this shit seriously, what the fuck is this child play are we in primary school?

  35. Lasha Zhvania says

    will it work on my iphone 5 ??not even s, just 5

  36. Briana Chavez says

    Split screen?????!!!!

  37. SlugY says


  38. Raw Tee says

    I guess SIRI Can't Search for chit!?
    SIRI =>Black is black couldn't find
    Google & Ssafari both found the exact answer!

    Asking SIRI…. In 1966 ..
    Oh never mind…I don't get it?…

  39. FLX says

    No 6: Drains your battery faster than you can write a youtube comme

  40. Internet user says

    Can someone please tell me how the battery life is compared to ios 11.4 on iphone x

  41. sachyktothea says

    Tried the new iPhone and iPad today… I'm an android guy but not gonna lie aside from the price which I can't afford I love it…Sucks the ruler can only measure surfaces though :/ not say someone's height or something.

  42. Abhinav Shaw says

    If apple sell a shit outta bull butt..marques wud cleverly force u to buy for 1200 bucks…

  43. AimLoi says

    1:24 the last contact… lmao

  44. Jonathan JC says

    How about “washed out” screen on iphone X after update ios12 ? My iPhone X still run ios11.2 ? and my 7+ updated ios12?‍♂️ plan to update the X to ios 12 but after google it , screen problem?
    Sry my bad english

  45. Suhail Mushtaq says

    It can do face time upto 32 persons at a time!!!
    Why would i do that…..

  46. M0rganFReelance says

    I have a 7+… after I upgraded to iOS 12, I can longer upload videos straight to YouTube … any suggestions??

  47. Jz says

    im still in ios 10 and i aint budging

  48. Justice Raven says

    whats the app name for the one with the emoji you can use on your facetime ting

  49. Salah Alsir says

    LIKE and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 King

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