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Toulouse – a place of historic and architectural significance. Journey with us to discover the best places to visit and find yourself utterly charmed by one of Europe’s historic gems.

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#Toulouse has played a large part in Europe’s story for centuries. From the time the Romans and Visigoths ruled, to its place as one of the world leaders in aerospace, France’s fourth-largest city balances a rich history with a youthful zeal for new frontiers. Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims during a #visit to Saint-Sernin Basilica, the largest Romanesque church in Europe. #Explore over five centuries of artistic endeavor within the opulent halls of Hôtel d’Assézat. Or just relax with a picnic on the banks of the River Garonne and watch the waters slide by to far off Bordeaux. Whatever your pace, a #vacation to Toulouse will be sure to leave you completely enamored with this part of France.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Noobmaster 69 says

    I’m watching this so my dad can pretend that I’m his niece from france

  2. Aiyic says

    My French girlfriend can't bear the narrator's voice


    Ayyy la terracota!!!

  4. Alexander SAliba says

    Do grenoble!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Elleisha Richards says

    I can't wait to go to toulouse with my teacher and class in a few years ?

  6. Seb M says

    Sur tout toulouse vous avez pas pu trouver un gars qui parle anglais? ptdrr en vrai ca rajoute a la video

  7. Erik Schiegg says

    Enjoy real toulousan music while waiting for an opportunity to visit Toulouse, and don't forget to take your good camera with you, Toulouse is concentrated food for your inspiration. Definitely worth a stop.
    Nougaro ♪

  8. Indrani Dey says

    Hope to visit in Toulouse one day…. it's absolutely amazing ??

  9. Djinaya Winn says

    I live in Lyon but something about Toulouse beckons me. It just seems like such a lovely, majestic place. Hopefully someday. ?

  10. Yok Knnn says

    As a foreign student who lived ever in both Toulouse and Paris, I have to say Toulouse is absolutely the Best city to live in. Frankly, the toulousains are really warm-hearted and enthusiastic. You feel so closed to them when living in Toulouse.
    Paris, as the capital of France is definitely a good place. Paris, is so rich of culture and fully fascinating by enjoying the good reputation of the international European city. Nevertheless, when nowadays there are strikes everyday and when common transport gets totally into shit in Paris, when parisians call chocolatine pain au chocolat, when people neglect you when asked directions, when it costs so expensive everything, I always miss Toulouse❤️. However, life is sometimes like a piece of exam paper that the examiner distributes to you and you can never choose. How I wish a good financial school could be in Toulouse and I did never move to Paris!?

  11. sps galaxy says

    Tu m'as fait pensé a moi quand je parle l'anglais

  12. ustaadian says

    Love this city from my heart. Spent almost 6 years here

  13. Dulcemujer Sousa says

    He sounds so Arabic lol but video is interesting

  14. Heisenlock says

    Sank you sooo meutch for zis video !

  15. lunophile says

    Haha jpp l'accent?

  16. Tatiyana Il'ina says

    Прекрасное видео, спасибо Expedia!

  17. LeaGlimpse says

    i love Toulouse, ..hope i'll be back soon!

  18. Francis Bellati says

    Waiting for Sochi, Russia travel guide!

  19. Valinco Drone says

    ptdrrr l'accent francais basta basta

  20. Jack Daniels-Son says

    I don't have to have an Eiffel Tower, this city would suit me just fine. Such a historic and religious affiliated city.

  21. Jack Daniels-Son says

    Every time you hear any mention of France, the city of Paris or Nice or Cannes come to mind but the city of Toulouse is a virtual oasis in the south of France and I would love to visit there one day when my finances allow me to do so. It would be a great adventure.

  22. Kandours says

    Atrocious cartoonish accent


    Philippines pls expedia

  24. 野口美穂 Miho Noguchi - BILINGUALMC. JP says

    Love the narrator's French accent!

  25. Johan says

    Make a video on Stockholm , Sweden!

  26. Batt Mckagan says

    OMG the French accent ?

  27. Summers Journey says

    The speaker's French accent made this video hard to understand. Maybe in the future –use an American voice to narrate, if English is used.

  28. blackngold cuttlefish says

    This guy's accent is like how people imitate French accents. A part of me almost wonders if it's an actor pretending to be French, haha. If not, no shade/offense, I live in France currently and I'm sure I sound like a fool on a daily basis when I try to speak French (with my English/American accent). But this guy, the way he says "-o-vaaerre" etc for "over" or "ze ri-VARE" for river.. "trez-ZaRE" for treasure….so French-y

  29. Christly Disya says

    Leh uga ni

  30. Maria Numberi says

    oke juga

  31. No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator says

    wow, this is great
    keep sharing them =D

  32. Fouinosophe says

    Je veux pas faire le relou mais frère l'accent ça va pas. Genre tu le force c'est pas possible autrement. Cousin tu sais que tu vas être écouté par une armée d'étranger, nous fait pas passer pour des vieux gars incapable d’aligner 3 mots d'anglais. Concentre toi!
    I don't want to be rude or anything but that accent !! it kills me!! Damn' ! to all who wants to came visit France don't think that we are that bad in english. I can assure you that all of the french don't have that reeeeeeeeeeeeally heavy accent.

  33. Алешандре says

    I love your videos.
    I'm waiting for a Tallinn Vacation Travel Guide.

  34. gaju dhaliya says

    Can you provide me France tourist visa,Expedia….?
    Wherever I been worldwide, Expedia is really very helpful. Thank you

  35. salim mi says

    Ptdrrr l'accent

  36. dante dante says

    What a beautiful "frenchy" accent!

  37. TimMus M says

    Make a video about Milano and Genova


    Fghfdt urvjyg uybiyfc uygjiu utviygb uyfhiychih ugjoh

  39. Radu K Travels says

    Great place, thank you for the video.

  40. Ryan Schroeder says

    Stockholm Sverige snälla!!!!!!!!

  41. Abdirahman Mohamed says

    This is my vacation for the whole summer. People need to stop sleeping on Toulouse

  42. Kyle Hill says

    4:13 does anyone know what this clock represents?

  43. Rakesh Joliya Official says

    India na video banavo

  44. Santarpan Roy says

    So beautiful

  45. Delta United says

    Nice to see the Spongebob narrator got a new job.??

  46. Sarah Barnes says

    Excellent you must have read my mind and known Toulouse was where we are heading this year.

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