Trash Talkers Get Exposed! Heated 5v5 basketball At The park!!!


Crazy 5v5 basketball at the park! People started trash talking so I had to show them who Whit3 Iverson was!

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  1. Whit3 Iverson says

    New Merch Now Available

  2. KingSega says

    5:27 aint a travel?

  3. Dune Deraux says

    Does your friend mario has an IG ? thanks good content here sub instantly

  4. Tank Bryant says

    Whit3 Iverson is the truth

  5. siege ultimate Daytona says


  6. ViBeProductions32 says

    Every time they score looking at the camera celebrating lmao ?

  7. D J says

    5:28 is a violation. He moves his pivot foot ( his left foot) before he shoots the ball. Turnover.

  8. Willy Barbosa says

    Hey bro is there anything I can keep up with like a Twitter or something to know where you’ll be hooping next I’m a new subscriber today and see your very mobile in the IE would be hella down to get runs with da ?

  9. Kevin Allred says

    I want to see you and T Jazz 1 V 1!!

  10. Manuel Bonilla says

    bruh straight traveled and said “kobe” lmaooo @5:28

  11. F4ER Clipz says

    “You got hall of fame deadeye” ?

  12. Leo King says

    Dawg was over done he got cooked so much?????

  13. Kimberly Pena says

    Aye where you get those shorts????they are ???

  14. Near Media says

    Guy in the lime shoes got that shooters touch.

  15. J Reed says

    Katz should humble themselves and play to their skill level.

  16. dpscribe says

    For all the victims who got the free smoke do their insurance cover the after effects of cancer?

  17. Marcus Cunningham says

    I ain’t tripping off the rollers, I’m riding clean. Real ones listen to that Larry June

  18. A.M.D MUSIC says

    White iverson when I started ballin I was young ??? my boy the real deal he need to be in the league

  19. Tony Lyman says

    I’m here cause of devonte but why isn’t this guy in the league with all these moves lol

  20. Quin Wade says

    Dude in the wife beater getting worked by ERRBODY ?

  21. Harsh Shah says

    how tall is whit3 iverson?

  22. Oren Steinberg says

    Better than the professor but still only has 35k smh

  23. Henraay says

    What sneakers is he wearing?

  24. Cliff Lunceford says

    Lol y’all here that man say he got Hall of game dead eye

  25. Lamontrose Wright says

    On Crip I did ? ? ?

  26. Andrew Stevenson says

    Will Smith's butler Geoffrey be talkin all that shit

  27. Loren Trujillo says

    Where is he from? What state are they playing in?

  28. Yahir Castano says

    @ 9:57 man said linsanity ?

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