Travel Wallet


The epitome of understated chic, our La Jolla 2-in-1 Intercontinental Travel Wallet & Clutch is a more spacious version of a traditional wallet, designed to keep all your essentials incredibly well organized whether traveling abroad, or around town. Easily translates to a chic clutch!

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  1. rajesh lohiya says

    I need

  2. pankaj sawant says

    Hi nice wallet
    Can u please tell me how can I purchase this wallet, it will be so nice of your

  3. Lyn Hong says

    Found this as another leather alternative but I still like the Jessie Georgina one better as it has more pockets n the loop handle.

  4. Lyn Hong says

    Anyone have any luck finding this?
    Searched — jessie georgina La Jolla 2-in-1 Intercontinental Travel wallet — on google but is no longer in service — have no idea where else to get this wallet 🙁

  5. Bowzer The Dog says

    Why do people post informational videos and then when people ask questions they never answer back….Useless!

  6. Sellers Bunch says

    Oh wow I would love to know where I could purchase this wallet please

  7. Lyn Hong says

    What’s the website this is sold at?

  8. Jessica Carranza says

    Where are these sold????

  9. King E says

    nice HKD note 😀

  10. norm hartzman says

    Hi…can you please tell me who makes this wallet and where you found it. I've been searching for this wallet for a year.

  11. Beth Oakley says

    Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Where can we buy it?

  12. Arie Wiryawan says

    Hi jessie, where i can buy that travel is soo nice

  13. Janine Carroll says

    wow cool where can i get one?

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