Trixxie x Cheat Codes – All Of My Life (Official Music Video)


Trixxie x Cheat Codes – All Of My Life is OUT NOW! Download on Beatport or add it to your favourite Spotify/Apple Music playlist by clicking HERE:

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Director – Michael Ko
1st AD – Jimmy Lick
Grip – Robert Parizeau, Noah Hecht, Makenna Yarbor
Choreography – Nadia Perry
HMU – Lindsey Menter
Stylist – Irina Bennett
Photography – Mike Finn

Young Trixxie – Ashlyn Dunlap
Mom – Irina Bennett
Dad – Andrew Bennett

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  1. Cheat Codes says

    Sup guys hope you all dig our new vid w/ Trixxie!

  2. Falkor Technologies says

    In the feels. Right in the feels.

  3. Rashid Malik says


  4. planet werido says

    I'm trying to understand why she wears a mask I mean don't get me wrong it looks hella cool but was she bullied for her teeth? is that why she's the bunny I mean it could also just because she thinks cool which it is ??️??️?

  5. Joe Lazarus says

    cool song, cute video. Now it's time to play baseball.

  6. amirave 69 says

    this song makes me feel addicted.. i wonder why this song didn't get recognized.. i really love the makes me wanna dance along with it.. rate 1000/10 ?

  7. Monu Panthi says


  8. Md Baddsah says


  9. Subha Almera says

    THSI reminds me so dang much about Marshmallowa song "alone"

  10. Edgar Daniel Román Salazar says

    Está muy hermosa me encanto muchísimo❤️

  11. _.idi0t.61 says

    This is a copy and paste of marshmallow but a Lil different and different music

  12. Burak Ozyildirim says

    rbi baseball 20

  13. Lara Ne says

    How do you see?!

  14. Лиля Джафарова says


  15. TheQuawn40 says

    I don't get the video, but this jam is nice!

  16. Zion Irwin says


  17. Cooky cutie says

    Cooky X marchmello

  18. {_Blueberry_ Gacha_} says

    Trixie ilysm I watch ur tik toks every day and followed u on all ur social medias can u please follow my friend @sophyv1507 on tik tok she loves u so much and was with u scince u started she always watches ur tik toks and also followed all ur social medias please it would make her day love u soooooo much ??????????

  19. Prem kashyep Kashyep says


  20. cry baby says


  21. Hajar Khoder says

    The dancing tho

  22. Gummy_Playz says

    I'm from tiktok and this was amazing!

  23. Beebo Moloney says

    This is awesome how you express your feelings to everyone TRIXXE

  24. ismael ortiz says

    Why u try to copy marshmello DJ MARSHMELLO IS BETTER

  25. Magic_Beanz says

    Trixxie and Marshmello should create a song together!

  26. a whore says

    Guys… Marshmallow didn't create the concept of masked DJs / artists who don't show their face :/ it's a very common thing

  27. Nessa O Grady says

    She's only beginning as a DJ like give her a chance. ?

  28. Marissa The Wise 0 says

    Wow how do people say your marshmello your way better you inspired me more than he did. Keep on going now I want to be a DJ haha.

  29. arzty.-. kid._. says

    I dont like it ???
    It .. overrated
    And the music video dosent make sens.. imnso so sorry i dont meant to hate thats uust my opinion and yes ik its lil mean but.. yea

  30. Breezy Death says

    IM INSPIRED!!????????

  31. Cara Allen says

    Trixxie is amazing she’s not copying marshmallow think of it as she’s new and improved! Your amazing and nothing like marshmallow but it would be awesome if you and marshmallow did a song together

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