Trump Signals Impatience With Shutdown As Coronavirus Cases Surge: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY


Despite social distancing warnings from health experts amid a surge in U.S. coronavirus cases, President Trump has announced he’s eager to reopen the country for business. Meanwhile, an Arizona man has died after taking chloroquine phosphate in the belief it would protect him from getting the coronavirus. See all the top TODAY news in one video.
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Trump Signals Impatience With Shutdown As Coronavirus Cases Surge: TODAY’s Top News Stories | TODAY

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  1. MsLouisV says

    Every time Dr. Birx is asked a question I heave a sigh because I know she’s going to talk for 30 minutes and not have an answer at the end

  2. Marthalynne Webb says

    President is not concerned with humans. He should be isolated. He cannot deal with reality. He is illiterate, ignorant and without responsibility. Dr Birx is a sycophant trying to save her job. We need responsibility and commitment to life and ethics. That requirement would necessitate removing Trump and his allies from office.

  3. Kelly Black says

    You people keep serving America BS and calling it ice cream and watch what happens!! NO ONE "watches TV" anymore unless they are older than dirt. So your Internet presence is everything. From where I sit, the clock on the wall has been set for you people.

  4. Jack Wang says

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  5. Tyrone Valentine II says

    We really need to get the death rate way far up because those cockroaches are way out of control.

  6. MsLouisV says

    Dr. Birx doesn’t answer any questions
    Dr. Fauci will answer all your questions
    any other questions?

  7. RA Melloh says

    Insistent, selfish ignorance is deadly.

  8. hope king says

    Why you giving us march this is old news

  9. Azariah Tedford says

    This is a Muhammad Ali blow

  10. Joseph Velez says


  11. Joseph Velez says


  12. Dale joyner says


  13. Jimmy Mercedes says

    We are dying , save life’s ,stay home
    It real and it’s not the flue

  14. Matt says

    Debrah is hot af cougar for sure

  15. Bob Scorpion says

    Thank you President Trump for all you have done for us. We will be there for you in November!

  16. para todo el mundo says

    Trump es vivo y muchas Gente le critica y Trump sabe que es una Gripe y que no oe nada de tener mido viva Trump falta muchos más muertos para que el número de muertes llegue a el número que en medio ano muere en el Ano 2017 y 2018 y 2019
    Es una locura que oe tantas personas y noticias que solo le ase miedo

  17. Marianela Ockerman says

    This is 3 months ago

  18. Fatima Adnan says

    Our kids do have friends but they don't like shool

  19. Fatima Adnan says

    Don't eat ground mushrooms

  20. Fatima Adnan says

    Save loads of electtricty because wind turbines won't spin because of virus
    use it for work only

  21. cu later says

    Funny how I punched in latest news and this pops up 3 months old LOL think that's a coincidence I don't know just thought it was funny the timing and all

  22. Paul Sharrow says

    Q it up for you?

  23. tomas neel says

    RIP-USA-1776-2008….. the Obama legacy and the godless uneducated children protesting about scruples they know very little of. Infecting us all

  24. 2028 JC says

    sue China over this virus pandemic!!
    Has China succeeded in diverting our attention w/ India border, black lives matter riots, threats on Taiwan, Hong Kong security law, tax levy on Australia?!

  25. Das Anastasiou says

    Stop rioting and demonstrating

  26. Das Anastasiou says

    Open up the country

  27. Kirstie Ferris says

    No masks i see and deffo no social distancing….do they know something we dont

  28. Shane Travis says

    If i was the usa i wouldnt allow China in your country unless they start changing as that them back on lockdown agian

  29. Mark Blunt says

    To late, social distance was destroyed with the the protest

  30. Gale Leitch says

    Trump is such a moron.

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