TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Best News Bloopers Of The Decade 2000s


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  1. Quentin Baldwin says

    I would like to have a beer with this man lol

  2. M. A. says

    I lost right out the gate @ 0:46

  3. Jason Heap says

    I lost it with that poor woman who has been stoke by lightning with this malfunction video. I'm soo sorry for her, couldn't keep it.

  4. Ryan S says

    And boom goes the dynamite lol

  5. David Duran says

    The last guy was definitely the boss's son

  6. Dominus says

    That's why you don't hire homersexuals to do the news.

  7. James Thomison says

    Hey dude! Love your channel! I work for Deformed Lunchbox, a horror short production company and we'd love for you to react/review some of our work. It would really help us out! This one in particular is really good. If you can find time we'd really appreciate it if not NBD.

  8. Starwing says

    the guy that couldnt talk so well reminded me of jimmy from south park

  9. Ultra Instinct Vegeta says

    The snake part got me dead lmao ?

  10. Sami fucking Miami says

    Please react to best of death- family guy

  11. Rachel says

    10:35 Bill Hader's SNL skit Herb Welch is based on this reporter LMAO definitely look it up

  12. Walking Wounded says

    That one anchor called Anne was a really good at lip synching. The Zombie kid who says, "I like turtles." kills me every time!

  13. DEAD Shot says

    Lost dude is me when presenting in class lol

  14. StickFiguresMaster says

    I got a joke for you: A deaf mime was pulled over by a cop but he had only parked his car in a parking lot, when the cop was trying to get him to respond but although not being able to cause of not hearing the cop, when he forced him to lie down on the ground the only thing the cop got to hear was his red nose that honks.

  15. anointed uz says

    How did you not laugh at the fashion show fail. That thing had me tearing up

  16. null akjg says

    That last guy was like when people say "just beacuse I have an extreme stutter and social anxiety doesnt mean I cant be a live sports reporter!"

  17. Manoel Eduardo Araujo Filho says

    How does somenone confuses " He's blind " for " He's gay "?

  18. Mohammed Alghimdi says

    But he's gay????

  19. JesuslovesU! says

    Ayye I’m early!

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