Today Zack and I try some of the more unique basketball life hacks found on the internet!


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  1. matthew fart says


  2. alimoden Balindong says

    Life Hack #4: “Sipping juice can make u more alert”

    Jiedel: drinking it straight from the cup

  3. nexty says

    Are u sure ur not supposed to be singing while ur playing not before

  4. Kaden Peitersen says

    James butchered every song

  5. Chris Crooks says

    I live next to y’all I’m in your yard

  6. mamulisamosa says

    jiedel: forgets the rest of twinkle twinkle little star
    also jiedel : sings old town road

  7. Hayden McInnes says

    It’s so cold!
    Zack: wearing a shirt and shorts ?

  8. Josh Pepper says

    Jus a f.y.i. it's that the other team that is not wearing red …finds the red team to be more aggressive therefore more intimidating .. because red is considered angry/ hot & so on

  9. Genesis Lavaro says

    No wonder okc never wins

  10. N and L Sargent says

    I feel like when you don´t do these things and you know about them it makes you feel like you are doing to do bad without them because you don´t have the confidence but when you do these things it makes you feel like you are going to do better because you think it is going to work.

    Feel me??

    Jiedel please like comment

    could you sub to SargentSports

  11. Natalie G says

    Sub to the trick bro’s

  12. Loren Jaka Raider says

    The background music is from FGTEEV

  13. Violates says

    Imagine spraying yourself in the face with house cleaner for literally no reason at all ?

  14. JACKSONVILLE GIANTS 49 Channel says

    Awesome ?:) i love BASKETBALL ?

  15. blvck kido07 says

    Yall should have put all together

  16. Nasty says

    I think your getting better because you have already gone

  17. ZA - 04MB - Barondale PS (1149) says

    singing helps me on fire

  18. L2Flames says

    Orange juuuuuuice

  19. Abram Alvarez says

    James: uh-oh, what did you sing?

  20. Soccer boy #1 says

    The juice helped his alertness

  21. ال ا نس says

    You look a gym teacher

  22. Arron Johnson says

    Good morning

  23. Zyier Wiggins says

    What is the thumbnail

  24. Benjamin Pittman says

    Who else just sings songs in their head through any game


    Jidel why don’t y’all put up walls around the court to keep the wind ohtb

  26. Alex Hughes says

    James: (tosses up brick) I nEeD SoME jUiCe

  27. Viral Vids says

    The itsy bitsy spider went off the water sprout hahahahahaha

  28. Vas Bar says

    Going from 7 to 8 is not a 10% improvement smh

  29. Marval50years says

    A good thing to do or at i least i think so is to think of a loved one alive or gone and do that game for one person it makes me want to do better

  30. Brody Garrett says

    I always chew gum for games

  31. Christian Broome says

    "its cold out here in California" Zack in a tee shirt.

  32. Noah Turk says

    10:43 James's hair do be glowing

  33. GlX_AyzReaper says

    Try the chewing gum one. NBA players had use that before.

  34. Justin Bargayo says

    The part when they smell the Good scent it looks like they smelling weed

  35. Peel Tyler says

    I doubt it’s cold come to Colorado

  36. Darrien Smith says

    Who is watching during Quartine

  37. Grady Stewart says

    Cold bruh it’s a lot wormer than Canada

  38. Logan Williamson says

    California: oh it's so cold, it's 75 degrees?
    NJ: oh jeez 25 degrees, it's a great day, maybe I'll wear shorts and a tang top

  39. def_20 H says

    "Red increases chance of winning"
    My team wearing red all season with a 42% ft percentage

  40. Cam Emerson says

    Put your finger on the hole where you put air in

  41. Shelovezgreenz says

    9:33 thats my song zack

  42. Donivan Charlie says

    Idk but chewing on something like gum mouth guard always keeps me concentrate ?‍♂️

  43. Jefferson Perez says

    This is fake they just get the clips that they make it for the life hack

  44. Evoid Clixx says

    my basketball team was red and we beat 6/12 teams by 20 or more points

  45. jimmy filou says

    its kinda awkward when jiedel makes excuses cuz of what or what not he did

  46. Cj says

    Who agrees the comments are trash

  47. Craig Shipley Vlogs says

    The red one doesn’t count for the cavs

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