Tyler Cameron Explains Why He Quarantined with Hannah Brown (Exclusive)


ET’s Lauren Zima sat down with Tyler Cameron to talk about his relationship with Hannah Brown, his future with ‘The Bachelor’ franchise, Gigi Hadid’s baby, Matt James’ drama with Clare Crawley, and his new show, ‘Barkitecture,’ premiering on Quibi on May 11.

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  1. Chlo With the flow says

    That dog is too cute

  2. Chelsea Edwards says

    Does anyone know who this singer is that he mentions? Seonna Taylor?

  3. Claudia Meyer says

    Puppy love

  4. Melinda Smith says

    He is so good looking! I saw him on the show and didn't even like his looks then. But the messy hair and the mustache looks awesome. And the fact he's a dog lover is the Best part. He's so cute with his dog Harley.

  5. Candyscorner Heck says

    I like Tyler. He comes off as a regular guy. Glad he has a great show coming out that suits his talents.

  6. Candyscorner Heck says

    Hannah is a phoney and so cute doing it.

  7. Brooke Michael says

    He lives 5 min from me?

  8. LeezPgh says

    Came for Tyler. Stayed for Harley.

  9. Hannah K Elliott says

    love you Tyler, sending love

  10. Hannah K Elliott says

    hahahahah lauren

  11. Liam Carr says

    You guys know that he played D1 College football right?? You really thinking he was more nervous about if he’d get a rose then playing in front of a crowd of thousands and impressing NFL scouts

  12. Martha Mendoza says

    Tyler good luck in all your achievements!!!❤❤

  13. Ms Skoob Campbell says

    Great interview Lauren… he's a great guy and real and kind!!

  14. Stella Russo says

    Omg, the dog’s face at 3:11 ??? That is one “camera-genic” dog. Such a cute pup. And I love when dogs cuddle like that, in the way she did in the picture he showed. And those dog houses are great.

  15. Jaki T says

    He could do way better than Hannah anyway. He should have stuck with Gigi the goddess

  16. Reabetswe Iman Moabi says

    This is why I hate America!!!

  17. Diana T says

    Yessss please snoop dog

  18. Daisy Henriette says

    Is it just me or does he kinda look like Quinn from Homeland?

  19. Colette Roberts says

    No one:
    Lauren: "does being a daddy…"

  20. Lise Offutt says
  21. Biravina Pathmanathan says

    aww love u Tyler Cameron.

  22. Roxy says

    This interviewer is really agitating.

  23. trancd822 says

    Gosh Tyler is hot. He is even more lovable x million with his cute pup Harley. It is cute when Harley turned at the ? when he said she is not letting anyone get into bed with him hahaha ?

  24. Story Daniels says

    He always looks like he is about to sneeze

  25. AD says

    Hannah Brown is a racist…BYE, Ty do better

  26. vera F B says

    The interviewer asking him if any of the people on the show flirted with him is so inappropriate. Would she have asked him that same question if he had been a woman? Yikes.

  27. Kaysee Coward says

    Tyler’s basically a modern day Cary Grant

  28. Double_ E says

    I always liked Tyler- he seems like such a great guy with a big heart.

  29. Keira Huling says

    I'm excited that Tyler is going to be our next bachelor

  30. Amarilys Ortega says

    I'm surprise that HGTV didn't snatch him first.

  31. Joe Giudice says

    Joe Giudice form RHONJ has a new show…https://youtu.be/JNmiYknpVD8

  32. elaine dreger says

    Tyler is awesome in every way!

  33. Fatima Villena says

    The way he handle the interview hugging his dog!❤ How cute is this guy!?

  34. norma creation says

    Hannah and Tyler probably say the N Word all the time.

  35. Jenna says

    Him and hannah def arent together the little things he said about her “being pleasant in that setting” and stuff def made it seem like theres beef

  36. Holly MacDougall says

    These questions totally SUCK. I love TC. This interview was no good lol ?

  37. Jamie Hudson says

    It’s so annoying that he was talking about himself and his success and his life and she keeps brings it back to his relationship. Like WHO CARES. This is his life, I want to hear about his goals and his career the love will come when it comes don’t force it

  38. Jery xx says

    It’s kind of annoying how he genuinely wanted to talk about himself and his goals and she turned everything into something about his love life

  39. Oh sure Here says

    Horrible. This interview was cringeworthy. Get another job!!

  40. Katie Marie says

    People are going to totally disagree with me here and that’s fine I like the feedback and opinions! I know Hannah messed up and let Tyler go thinking Jed was the one, and we all knew Jed was shady but when the shows going on there’s things we knew that she didn’t know yet during filming. I totally ship Hannah and Tyler. They spend time together and have been back and forth and I think they should just go for it. People make mistakes and Hannah made one, but I think they’d work. I SHIP IT

  41. McKenna Lessard says

    Constantly being asked about his relationship is probably the most annoying thing EVER

  42. Sarah C. says

    Tyler is the definition of a good man. All around. She is a terrible interviewer. Insensitive and unorganized.

  43. Shelly Leit says

    This guy is a model. Who cares what he thinks about anything?

  44. Kari Key says

    He’s so annoyed there supposed to be talking about the show ? omg

  45. Jeanne Bo says

    Can't we talk about how he's a great contractor and not say, "Hot Dude?" Why must we always comment about how he's hot. Geez

  46. Minnie Estep says

    You show me that there is hope in this world and good men still exists

  47. Ruby Gold says

    He can do way better than wishi washi Hannah

  48. Lou Ann Hudzik says

    Love Tyler! Such a nice guy. I hope you meet your true love soon! So sorry to hear about your Mom! ?

  49. Judith Brown says

    I would love to quarantine with Tyler ? United Kingdom ?

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