Typical Gamer REACTS to his FIRST GAME of Fortnite Battle Royale!


Reacting to my first ever game of Fortnite!


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  1. GGGeneral Jay says

    1 mil in 4 months im tryna hit 1k in a yr well now i know somethin is possible

  2. Saidonhashim Saidonhashim says

    I got a victory royale in my 4th game of fortnite I swear

  3. truongthuy nguyendinh TV says

    tech n9ne

  4. Dara O'Sullivan says

    4:28 the tac was called semi auto shotgun

  5. MrBeffBoss says

    I won my first time

  6. Gent Bego says

    By the way you controllerd run by going up and right or left I use to play on controller but now mouse and keyboard ?

  7. Shawntae Austin says

    There is no way that’s actually him

  8. Surujdaye Rampersad says


  9. Yassin Hammad says

    You used to play in season 1?????????

  10. Dragonless Wolf Demon says

    When you first get fortnight you’re so annoying

  11. Lizzie Twine says

    My first game i didn't know how to build

  12. LPGOD says

    September 24 is my bday

  13. David Whitsitt says

    Also my first game i tried staying in water to not take damage from storm

  14. David Whitsitt says

    My first game i did not know what a tacitacal shotgun

  15. fish fish says

    Who miss the og days

  16. In my first game I thought that if you went into the water you’d be able to swim away from enemies.
    And I kept going this stray until season 3. Until I learnt u can’t swim
    Also subscribe to my channel for a cookie ? and a pizza ?

  17. Gandre says

    If my brother didn’t watch this stream I wouldn’t have played this game

  18. Farah Maged says

    When i first started i was like “ he is making a house!!! Aww thats so nice!” gets sniped oh…

  19. Steelcurtain 487- says

    Lol September 24th is my mom's birthday

  20. Linden Calhoun says

    This how many times he died

  21. Sam Salem says

    Nikki 30s video when he was doing the same thing it looks like like one of them was copying the video

  22. Todd Melville says

    Who noticed the purple tac was called a semi auto shotgun

  23. Nintendo Gaming says

    I for my first game I thought the gray one was the best then I looked and it was the worst

  24. My pfp won’t load. says

    My first game was on a laggy pc and I didn’t know what building was, instead just harvested materials from the big crater in the middle of the map and died each time because I didn’t know how to aim my gun 😀

  25. Niels Swaans says

    I still know the OG map. It was beter than now, deffinently?

  26. Nathan Saavedra says


  27. Jojo Humphrey says

    I was just a little better

  28. David Azong says

    I didn’t know what a gold pump was lol

  29. Abel Needles says

    This just gave me hope for a better future!

  30. Nelida Silva says

    This is how many people want old fortnite to comeback??

  31. Emojiekiler says

    Where my chapter 1 gamers at

  32. David C. Moyer says

    not me i god

  33. Joanna Alvarez says

    can we stil rotat ramps

  34. shadow kid says

    My first game i thought the gray pistols were the best gun in the game

  35. Keyontae Jackson-Abdullah says

    Can I get 40,000 vbucks my name is KEYBLIXKY on my Xbox please

  36. liam Krasner's video's says

    When I play I was like what is this GAME!!!!!

  37. Brian says

    my first game i got a legendary scar and then got only greys

  38. William says

    My first game i landed in a tree and got a pump and i died

  39. Trice Jackson says

    My first game I did not know how to move and I go kiked of the bus

  40. YousefTheGamerYT YTG says

    Wich season did you start

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