United Through Ball: Bridging the Philadelphia Community Through Basketball | The Arena


This feature highlights how Stephanie Ergemlidze used basketball as a way to unite her Philly community by bringing a basketball hoop around peaceful protests and allowing people to shoot some hoops or play games at they passed by.

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  1. Paul Werder says

    Anyone know this girls insta or twitter.. she a special human

  2. Markee Randolph says

    My man Flight at 5:49!!!

  3. BuGGzLoVeR's Tech says


  4. pluggods zoe says

    King so spiritual so solluminati gaze gaze so still waiting gor 1v1

  5. pacd61 says

    I like the sentiment. But really should be wearing masks while playing. As hard as that is.

  6. Obi Wan says

    Michael jamal brooks Rest in Power. Also call and demand more from elected officals. Demand resouces go to the people. Cancel rent. Medicare for all. The work continues…

  7. Diego Bonilla says


  8. The Caped Crusader says

    Look at Stephania man, so inspirational

  9. Ordinary Pete says

    Sports are done. It’s all about fighting sports now. Nobody is going to watch empty stadiums and/or nobody cares about the fake assed message that nba, BLm, nfl, Antifa. Sorros , the Rothschilds and the entire DNC are all pushing! We all know now that all the major gas lighters in the NBA are all #blackboule . They sacrificed Kobe and now Lebron is the new king? Ha look into Lebron’s chest tattoo and his symbolism.

  10. mahlon harmon says

    Given the crazy times, me itching for hope through sports etc… This was the most inspirational story I've seen all week

  11. jamel sinclaire says

    Simple solluminati voice!

  12. TJ Rector says

    Let go steph. ESPN now go ahead

  13. David Yen Jr says

    Excellent and wonderful story.

  14. Damon Seas says


  15. Yes I’m Kazuma says

    where Flight at

  16. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE says

    DOPE ????‍♀️????????????‍???

  17. Roc ThaIce says

    FTC gang

  18. J O J O says

    Ayeee Stephania made it??????

  19. Ass Master says


  20. Alexander Nelson says

    That’s what’s up

  21. German Sanchez says

    Steph is on tnt? Nice!!?she a hooper hooper when it comes to females like cashnasty says

  22. Radradi123 says

    solluminati give me one more chaaaaaance

  23. Abdi Abdi says

    This is awesome ??

  24. Stephen H. Smith says


  25. Head Coach says


  26. Ryan McNeill says


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