Until the time is right to travel again, dream away!


Dedicated to all open-eyed dreamers… ?

Stay strong, stay safe, stay home.

#DiscoverGreece | #StaySafe | #DreamAway

Until the time is right
Until you can explore again
Until we can welcome you with open arms
Dream away!

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  1. southpakrules says

    Do not spread the virus. Do not catch the virus. Think of your children & family. DO NOT GO TO GREECE. DO NOT GO FOR TOURISM AT ALL. STAY SAFE. STAY HOME.

  2. Christos Kagiaros says

    I couldn’t see the Meteora? Truly one of the wonders of the world.

  3. Franjelisco91 says

    Μπορει καποιος να μας πει ανα σκηνη ποιο μερος απεικονιζεται;

  4. Corfu Tourist says

    Stunning we will share this to our page @CorfuTourist ♥

  5. rob mac says

    I had to cancel this year but that just means i need to visit twice next year. great little capture of beautiful greece.

  6. Keep Calm says

    how can a samll country being so beautiful ?? this cant be real

  7. Paraskevi Alexiou Andrikopoulou says

    Έχοντας συμπληρώσει σχεδόν έναν χρόνο από τη τελευταία μας επίσκεψη στη πατρίδα μας και βλέποντας αυτό το εξαιρετικό βίντεο,συγκινήθηκα πολύ!

  8. Γιάννης Παπαλάμπρος says

    Καταπληκτικο…ΝΑΙ υπαρχουν γνησια ελληνικα μυαλα που μεγαλουργουν….ΜΠΡΑΒΟ σε ολους τους συντελεστες της φετινης διαφημιστικης καμπανιας…η Ελλαδα που αντιστεκεται ΥΠΑΡΧΕΙ και δημιουργει…ΦΤΑΝΕΙ ΠΙΑ με τις κομματικες μικροτητες και τα φθηνα λογια..ΑΚΟΜΑ και μεσα στη πανδημια ας ΦΙΛΟΞΕΝΗΣΟΥΜΕ ΣΩΣΤΑ κι ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ καθε καλο τουριστα…ας προστατευτουμε απ τον κακο …ας απομονωσουμε οσους μειωνουν την εθνικη προσπαθεια της δικης μας βιομηχανιας,,,..

  9. ground 0 says


  10. Γιώργος Φούφουλας says

    This year, the whole world deserves the best holidays that can get, and that is the country that beated up the The Virus: GREECE!

  11. Raphaelly Raphaelly says

    I am one of the dislikers! even though I have visited Greece years in a row, seven, precisely, this time I advise anyone with a critical thinking not to fall into the travelling trap! Greece is beautiful, yes, and I do not fear this virus, which I, after many many observations in free media I got the the conclusion it is all inflated and ill-intended in regard to our liberties and human rights! It is about the conditions imposed: a "health certificate" ! Really?!!! this is a loss of main human right, the right to free travel, and I will not be part of it! I will not encourage such tirrany and such circus! first we will be conditioned by "health certificates" which, by the way, will only be obtained after being "tested"! Yes! those tests! those high rate failure tests, nobody knows who made them, what they detect, or why they gave positive to a fruit and an animal! why they gave negative, positive, again negative, again positive and so on, to a single person, which was not called healthy, but "asymptomatic'!!! and guess what. UE plans to get "asymptomatic" not in their homes anymore, but in "special places full of comfort", like underground parking lots, with no windows and full of carton walls and no toilets nor, showers!!! this is preparing in Romania for "asymptomatic". so your vacation might turn into your worst nightmare! in Romania, they even took children from families by force, and put them in foster homes! moreover, after this "health certificate" ,, if accepted, they will impose vaccination. it is a chip vaccine, mandated by Bill Gets (search ID 2020 and Bangladesh). people will be forced to receive a chip with it, either under the form of a tattoo, or chip. either way it looks pretty Nazi to me! and pretty sheepishly also, we are not animals, to be chipped, but some think that they own us like animals. Just look what they did, they put a whole world on arrest, because all governments are corrupt, and are their people! do not fall for this. us, young people got this travel addiction in the last years, but think about it, why? is this addictions the one that will give our rights for? our liberty, and eventually, our life?! just think about it! PS: for those ofd us who still do not know , Bill and Melinda Gets Foundation is the main sponsor of WHO!!! (now that USA redraw its support!) does it ring ring a bell???!!!!

  12. Wilma Bier says

    Απλά φοβερό!!!

  13. Johanna Kolokitha says

    Amazing ….

  14. Querencia.tv says

    Hi! we just stumbled over your amazing account and absolutely love your videos. ? We are traveling very much, maybe you'd also want to check for our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo too ? So lets inspire one another. Enjoy your day, and also continue the great work! ?

  15. Katerina Vaiou says

    Who disliked this video?? Just curious…Greece 4ever&ever!

  16. ΣΟΦΙΑ ΑΛΜΠΑΝΗ says

    Σας ευχαριστούμε που είστε δίπλα μας αυτές τις δύσκολες στιγμές και μας υπενθυμίζετε πως τα όνειρα δεν έχουν όρια όπως και οι ομορφιές της Ελλάδας μας ????????Καλή Ανάσταση με Υγεία και Ευλογία για Όλους μας ??????


    just awesome!!!!

  18. Travel With Jen says

    This video was so uplifting and motivational. Can’t wait to travel again once travel restrictions are gone! Stay safe

  19. Vicky Georgiou says


  20. Seafront and mountain holidays in Northern Greece says

    "Until we can welcome you with open arms… dream away"! Bravo for a very inspiring video, for our friends from abroad and for us locals!


    Truly authentic. Keep on dreaming! #DreamAway

  22. Kayla Meets Culture says

    This video showed me there is so much more to Greece! It's definitely the time to stay safe, but that doesn't mean we can't dream and make plans to motivate awesome futures! Stay safe out there everyone.

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