US vs UK McDonald's | Food Wars


From calorie count to portion size, we compared everything between the UK and US McDonald’s.

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US vs UK McDonald’s | Food Wars

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  1. Everymations says

    The usa is so big

  2. TheBest ThereEverWas says

    The uk is getting ripped off

  3. Corey Jack Campbell says

    And people wonder why most of the US Is obese

  4. eric liau says

    Aight time to go us macdonalds

  5. seah7066 says

    Pickle Rick McDonald's overload

  6. Chair says

    so basically, UK mcdonald’s is so much healthier and probably cheaper than american

  7. Nathan Webber says

    American Biscuits are essentially Scones ?

  8. Venus Kogane says


    Biscuits are dry crunchy cookies
    Cookies are soft and chewy

  9. Ben says

    We have iced coffee in the UK too!

  10. MrTeamTactical says

    so less variety but fresher, or more variety and cancer inducing shit? okay then

  11. Loren Whithair says

    you can get strawberry sundaes in nz too, always have. And sweet n sour sauce, though other than that we just have bbq and tomato

  12. aznrickross says

    WTF ARE DONUT STICKS! and dont u dare disrespect the southwest salad that thing is freaking amazing (crispy chicken)

  13. Zookulu says

    Him: "Sucks to be in the Uk BABYYY!"
    Me : Atleast i won't have a life as short as yours.. c:

  14. Chopp King says

    US Mcdonalds: DA BIGGER DA BETTA

  15. Soapy says

    Britain: oil, potatoes and salt.


  16. LowDxm says

    I'd rather go for UK anyone agrees?(just reply no need like)

  17. NORGTA III says

    Now I basically know why British/UK people be calling us Americans fat ?

  18. Vegito Blue says

    So the UK is healthier…….

  19. Jah Hernandez's says

    Honestly McDonald's has some ingredients not needed example fry coloring probably tastes better without

  20. Around The World says

    that's true that large Fast Food Chains taste better outside the US. but in the US we got so many Fast Food chains that taste out of this world – its mind blowing, take for example IN N OUT !

  21. LubiClark Hihi says

    There’s a reason ~ 38% of Americans are obese, this is why

  22. Jordan Agyare-Tanor says

    UK: we want this simple we want it still a little healthy even though this is a junk place
    US: did you put in all the ingredients we need this to be as good as possible so no one knows that there is so much ingredients ok…

  23. b u b b l e g u m says

    my mother only let me get mcdonald’s like 3 times my entire life- i’m 13 ?


    hi i came too Great Walnut Dessert

  25. Alden Moeller Inc. says

    7:28 I couldn't tell whether he was amazed or annoyed

  26. Please Get me to 10k subs by 2021 says

    US McDonald’s: Exists

    Periodic Table: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary

  27. Steph Elliott says

    I'm from Ireland and Ireland and the UK we share the same McDonald's menu with everything the same America on the other hand on there menus there is morbid obesity or diabetes all within smell range

  28. Zen says

    Glad that Singapore’s McDonalds have Mcgriddles

  29. help plz says

    What the hell America?

  30. fdsfsd dsfdsfsd says

    McDonald's pancakes with the McDonald's chocolate sauce is so good

  31. Isra Chowdhury says

    Mc Donald is unhealthy so Uk ??

  32. James May says

    "Food" hahahhaha

  33. Callum Hurley says

    shamrock shake is irish mate ngl

  34. Callum Hurley says

    6:21 rick sanchez has entered the chat

  35. Swaays says

    I like how that American guy is flexing that they're fatter than us

  36. Miss Jewells says

    Drink size doesn’t matter, they’re all the same weight. Weigh the volume.

  37. random guy says

    I went to mc donalds a few days ago. And I always order a small drink and small food by mc donalds

  38. Maria LaGattuta says

    I used to work at MCDONALD'S in the US and I started breaking out into hives just from coming into contact with the fries in the kitchen! And they put up a fight with me when I chose to start wearing gloves around their disgusting "food"! I stopped eating McDonald's ever since working there and seeing and experiencing how nasty the food really is!!! People, please just stop buying fast food, let's shut them down!??☺️?

  39. Jake Ansell says

    this is why alot more americans are obese compared to british people

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