Vampire Diaries' Cast Interview with Michael Ausiello (Part 1) | Entertainment Weekly


Vampire Diaries’ cast members Nina Dobrev, Matthew Davis, Ian Somerhalder, and Paul Wesley sit down for an interview with Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly.
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Vampire Diaries’ Cast Interview with Michael Ausiello (Part 1) | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Sulaima Atif says

    When Matt Davis says “this is why she’ll end up with Alaric “ ?????????

  2. Uncertain Subscriber says
  3. urja eman says

    The fun fact is they are all wearing rings except for nina so guess what!!!

  4. itsAmber bunny says

    Who is still ship them two

  5. TheOniUwU says

    2020 JULY??

  6. CR Filmsss says


  7. Kayli Lewis says

    allaric in every interview is all over her and thinks they should have had a make out scene and u can tell he liked her

  8. Jolly Ranchers says

    y'all are having crushes on Ian and Paul but im fan grilling over Nina she's so precious ?

  9. Liz Mendiburu says

    Porque no incluyen Subtitulos en Español.

  10. Milly Forrester says

    who else loves damon salvatore like omggggggg

  11. The Settle Family says

    No stefan and elena would be better

  12. Baking with Muskan says

    Team stelena where are u

  13. Nutella says

    It’s 2020 and I’m still here ?

  14. salsabila hesham says

    I just finished season 1 anddd why didn't I watch it before.. THIS SHOW IS MY FAVV

  15. Enna Marie says

    Ian looks kinda jealous that matt davis is hugging nina…

  16. BibiGaming says


  17. Cody Clarkexx says

    Anyone rewatching in 2020 in quarantine cuz they miss themm?

  18. JinNJuice VocalZ says

    0:45 “that’s what I said”
    1:32 “I have a history lesson for you ?”
    2:53 “easy tiger” ???

  19. Karina De Lucio says

    OMG, I really love that serie, and knew that the actors are totally different of the reality and still take the role and they done it great , and I'm super excited to see the latest series with the sneak peek that Stefan dies, Damon is falling in love with Elena, I'm dying to watch that season.

  20. Malak Ahmed says

    I was 4 when this came out … that is not fair

  21. Valerie E says

    It looks like Matt and Ian are both trying to get Nina’s attention, lol!

  22. Christine says

    Still never going going to understand why Paul doesn’t get that much appreciation.

  23. Torii Canales says

    Alaric is kind of like the stepdad that was with Elenas mom but Damon slept with her and made her a vampire and Elena
    ends up with Damon still lol ??

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