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Vancouver Island – a place of awe-inspiring natural beauty. In this video, discover why the fusion of history and rugged West Coast landscapes makes this destination one of the best to visit.

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Though many intend on visiting Vancouver Island, few wanderers actually make the journey. Those that do, however, are met with an unforgettable reward. Be welcomed by friendly people and unique culture, discover refreshing solitude as you wind through misty trails beneath old growth forests and witness the ferocious power of the Pacific on the West Coast’s jagged headlands. Most of all, reconnect with that inner wild spirit that craves the thrill of Mother Nature at her finest. These are just a few of the many reasons a #visit to #VancouverIsland should be on everyone’s list.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Eileen Barkley says

    Magnificent ! Absolutely Beautiful. ! ?⛰???⛰???⛰ ❤❤❤

  2. Avishek Ganguly says

    Wow!!! Absolutely Picturesque!!! Maybe the most beautiful place in North America. Will surely visit there one day 🙂

  3. Dean Beckerley says

    If you talked to a single person from here you'd know how to pronounce the names. 300k views and it sounds like you're a poorly programmed robot voice reading a wikipedia page

  4. Jason Arthurs says

    They forgot to include that one can ski & surf in the same day!
    They also forgot the extensive catalogue of superb back country camping sites dotting the Island. Seen many, and even repeat visits have me awestruck. Cape Scott is unparalleled!
    The Island is truly spectacular.

  5. Bryce says

    Thanks for nothing Expedia – after seeing that, I have to visit this place ?

  6. Smuggler The Snuggler says

    Deng they really said no nanaimo ??? can't blame em

  7. BritishColumb1a Aviation and Ferries says

    Not even a single mention of Nanaimo….

  8. Yewbdar Petros says

    Such a beautiful place.

  9. missasinenomine says

    3:58 Sooke Potholes Regional Park. Your rented car will most probably want to give this one a miss! (only jokin')

  10. Morris Bouman says

    Check out our vacation rental near Courtenay. It's a bargain at $225 a night

  11. moonlit luv says

    " alone" brought me here

  12. Gowtham Muthusamy says

    I'm an immigrant. Living in Vancouver Island for one year now. I gotta say Vancouver Island is the best place I've ever been in my entire life. I'm proud to say it's my Home

  13. Tina Kovacova says

    I love how they completely skipped over Nanaimo 🙂

  14. Ayman Damer says

    Vancouver island It’s the best place in Canada and the American continent

  15. Felipa Johnstone says

    amazing, beautiful place to go. love this place.

  16. Anne V says

    Grateful I had the chance to live here and seen the sights of this amazing place❤️

  17. Ok Valley Entertainment says

    Can you do the Okanagan Valley?

  18. RJ Smith says

    COW-i-chan Few-ca yew-CLUE-let

  19. Nicholas Bondarenko says

    I was born and raised in Vancouver and the nature there is absolutely breathtaking, there is no place that I could call home that Vancouver BC, ?? South Fl isn’t comparable to this beauty lots of flat marshy lands filled with gators ? ??!! I miss Canada!

  20. Devang Parekh says

    What's the name of background music ??

  21. Nelson Currie says

    "Co-Weechan" bay

  22. Khatulistiwan says

    Would really appreciate it if Malay subtitles are added ?

  23. Jayson Taylor says

    Vancouver Island, and British Columbia as a whole, is one of the most beautiful places in Canada and the world. Absolutely stunning and I can't wait to go back there again! The Butchart Gardens are a must see! I'm not even a garden person but even I was in awe at the magnificence of the gardens. I have plenty of family on the island and hope to one day move their myself. Victoria is also one of the most relaxed and enjoyable cities I have been in. Love from Alberta!

  24. timtwoface says

    Great video, but as a local, virtually half the place names are mispronounced. Otherwise, excellent!

  25. Jasmine Johnston says

    I live on Vancouver Island I live in Campbell River

  26. Jim Green says

    Sooke rhymes with 'cook', not 'boot'. coh-WE-chun Bay (Cowichan) = COW-ih-chun. Saanich (SAWN-itch) Inlet is actually SAN-itch. YOU-kuh-let (Ucluelet) = you-CLUE-lit.

    Aside from the above pronunciation gaffes, this was a beautifully done video.

  27. Bharati Joshi says

    Wow my dream destination..

  28. Dakota Gordon says

    Once the Great Lockdown has died down, this shall be 3rd travel spot..After Vancouver city.

  29. Keerikkattu Chellappan Pillai says

    No mention of the Bears.

  30. michael donald says

    The mispronunciations of place names was brutal..also I didn’t know vessels could get weary..

  31. Cassey Natura says

    Love this video! Im from Vancouver and recently put a video about travel tips and how I spent less than $1000 to new York City from Vancouver!❤️❤️

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