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Vancouver – a city regularly voted “the World’s most livable”. With breezes that carry the scents of nature and aromas of all the urban delights you’d expect from a city, it’s easy to understand why visitors flock to this Canadian city.

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#Explore the early history of #Vancouver at Waterfront Station, the western terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway. On your #vacation, experience the interweaving of cultures in Chinatown, where the fusing of Oriental flavors with local seafood has helped earn the city the title, “the Culinary Capital of Canada.”

After visiting Vancouver’s central highlights, ride the ferry to Granville Island. From Granville Island, head to Queen Elizabeth Park on Little Mountain, a peaceful oasis high above the city.

When it’s time to answer the call of the wild, cross the Lions Gate Bridge to The North Shore, a wilderness where bears roam and salmon-filled rivers flow through old-growth forests.

Less than a two-hour drive from the city is Whistler Blackcomb Resort, the largest ski resort in North America. The beautifully connected runs here cater to all skill levels and attract elite skiers and beginners from all over the globe.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Jake Howie says

    Meagain and prince harry did not stay for long though did they? Canadians always end up buying in USA anyway, at least a second home.

  2. Ngala Hansel says

    I'm guessing it must be really costly to live here. I am a Cameroonian (West African) living in Cape Town, South Africa and while it is comparatively more expensive than Cameroon, I bet it is far cheaper than living in Vancouver. Cape Town is just as beautiful, only we don't get much snow. I'm guessing it can get really cold and rainy in Vancouver, but Cape Town is often sunny and bright but also very mild (for the white-skinned people). I'd love to visit Vancouver though. I hear Canadians are very welcoming.


    I want to move there!! ?

  4. Bryce says

    I can now see why this city is so highly rated by the Economist and other institutions.

  5. Baatil Beats says

    didnt kno Carl Sagan went into the travel niche

  6. Life isHard it's harder if you're stupid.JohnWayne says


  7. Bilhete Duplo says

    Vancouver é uma cidade incrível. Morar próxima da maior cidade de British Columbia é um privilegio. Lindo demais

  8. Trouvaille Canada says

    BC -Bank Cheque ?

  9. Trouvaille Canada says

    Parking is next to impossible

  10. Living in Canada. ぐるぐるバンクーバー says

    I love VANCOUVER!!!!!

  11. zitouni mustapha says

    i love vancouver

  12. NoldorinPrince says

    I wonder if there is a monthly stimulus to help make your rent payments every month

  13. Felipa Johnstone says

    I'M SO LUCKY I LIVE HERE. its a beautiful city. and i'm happy to call it home.

  14. Felipa Johnstone says


  15. michela derry says

    bella cittadina. Ill go there one day

  16. Pat Jenkins says

    Vancouver! My favorite city. Safe, great public transportation, good food and great people. I roamed Stanley Park for 6 hours with my dog-best day ever! Will return soon!

  17. Qwertz Slo says

    pff, Canadian beauty can hide in front of Slovenia! Slovenia is the most beautiful and the best country on the planet, a true dreamland! Canada’s got nothing on us! NOTHING! Slovenia has everything and more, there is no land like Slovenia. So beautiful you can go blind the legend says! Even our air we breath is special!

  18. John Muhleisen says

    I'm Australian I went to Vancouver back in 2007. I absolutely loved it. It's such a beautiful awesome incredible city. I'm going to move to Canada and I'm going to marry a Canadian woman and I'm going to live in Vancouver and I'm going to raise my children and my family there.

  19. denzelsnipes69 says

    I want to visit here.

  20. Lala Land says

    I missed Vancouver ever since we went there for a vacation 2 years ago, still one of the most talked about trip for my family.

  21. Traveling is FREEDOM says

    This is my absolute favorite city in North America for sure.

  22. Mohammad Saki says

    I wish be in Vancouver in the near future for ever.

  23. Mohammad Saki says

    there is no city like this beautiful Paradise


    Love you expedia.

  25. josh crutchfield says


  26. akif Türkiye - says

    Çok güzel….

  27. Rick Zuron says

    So helpful. Thank you. Richard Jr.

  28. Siraj Memon says

    My top 4 dream cities
    New York
    Los Angeles

  29. ShadowReaper says

    Its so expensive there now

  30. Soniya NT says

    Canada❤️❤️just so beautiful…????✨

  31. Ryan604 Exe says

    I live here

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