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Warsaw – The capital of Poland stands today as the product of some of history’s most defining events. Follow us through the city and see all the best spots to visit here.

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For centuries #Warsaw has been a center of refinement and knowledge. Its strategic position has also made it one of the most invaded countries in Europe. Your #vacation here will bring you up close to the sites of these historic events in the Old Town and across Warsaw’s many monuments to the past.

Enjoy more historical sites along the Royal Route. Visit St Johns Cathedral and St Anne’s Church, whose interior miraculously survived the war. One of the few statues not destroyed by the German army is the mermaid Syrena, the symbol and protector of Warsaw.

Keep apace of the city’s stories at the many museums here. Visit the Palace of Culture and Science and the Copernicus Science Centre. Don’t miss Wilanow Palace, with luxurious artworks and formal gardens.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Poland’s economy has boomed, reflected in the luxury malls, such as Zlote Tarasy and the VITKAC Department store.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. James Dennan says

    This guy has about 6 different accents mixed into one.

  2. DIKSHAN .B says

    1 of the best city greetings from india

  3. Davis Urdaneta says

    I am planning to visit next month. if the the situation will continue to improve.

  4. Life isHard it's harder if you're stupid.JohnWayne says

    in those 162 dislike, one is for sure , 1 dislike is from Angela Markel

  5. David Nandi says

    I have seen the history of Poland and its a very sad one. I almost visited Poland in 2017 but due to time restrictions I couldnt. However, I met a lady from Poland while I visited Iceland who couldnt speak English but there was so much love from her and I liked her. We met a couple of times not able to communicate but all she could give was her love. She spoke Polish while I English. Polish are warm people.

  6. Đỗ Dương says

    I hope that in the future i can come Poland ❤

  7. Kamrun Nahar says


  8. schriftsteller100 says

    Весь город – сплошной новодел. Увы.

  9. Jayabaal padmanathan says

    I been to Warsaw in 2018 and the most i like is Wilnow Palace and Lazenski Palace garden.So beautiful and I believe Poland should get more recognition in term of tourism.Greetings from malaysia 🙂

  10. Michal Mazurewicz says

    Lovely city of Warsaw?

  11. Chunabhatti Sudhar Samiti says

    I visited Warsaw in 2019. I like it very much

  12. Tom Karol says

    Cudowna Warszawa…piekne miasto…

  13. Eddye Weber says

    Warsaw looks so beautiful! I wish I could visit it in the future, maybe when LGBT rights are no longer seen as ‘a threat’ to Poles…

  14. Rex Alvarez says

    Warsaw ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Sneaks Cowboy says

    I’ve always wanted to go to Poland but I always here they’re racist to black people and Muslims sadly I’m both lol and idk lol

  16. capt_toad7890 says


  17. capt_toad7890 says

    Texas: ?

  18. Victor Mora says

    What a magnificent city, I hope I get to go there one day.

  19. Alan The Blue Slime says

    Greetings from Poland

  20. Flavio Stankiewicz says

    I am brazilian and never was been in warsaw ir poland , but i have much love for this country

  21. 鄭清助 says


  22. Visit Poland & Warsaw #PolishDream says

    I think Warsaw and Poland are awesome places to visit 🙂

  23. PRLcafe says

    clean, safe, stunning, wealthy !! im in awe after last year's visit !!

  24. LordVelari says

    Went to Warsaw for New Years 2020. Definitely the favorite place I've been to. Not just for the architecture, but the rich history, slight air of melancholy, and the resilient spirit of the people!

  25. Maris de las Mercedes Gauna says


  26. the attic says

    Poland is beautiful . Warsaw, Krakov, Lodz, Wroclaw, Gdansk. I love it

  27. Executive YUKAWA says


  28. IAm Scottish says

    Wow. Creative architecture and beautiful city.

  29. AJV says

    We (Lithuanians) are used to constantly complain about an oppresion of communism in the past, but we cannot even imagine what have Poles been through… I literally cried watching this video. Hats off to you, brothers.

  30. Iŧž ꧁༺Deep༻꧂ says

    Wow it's so beautiful ??????
    My dream land

  31. Paolo Silvestri says

    really beautiful city,and the Poland people many sociable and hospitable

  32. Kevin Tan says

    I am looking to spend 24 hours in Warsaw before catching my flight to London.

  33. David Ferreira says

    I will be there in April 2020!

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  35. Erzsébet Bernáth says

    Greetings to our polish friends!

  36. AADIL KHAN Rathod says


  37. Soraya Gabriela Pérez Zambrano says

    I've been to Warsaw three times and I'm still amazed how clean they keep their streets yet it is one of the most polluted cities in Europe

    Anyways I love Polish cities!! Love from Paris❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  38. Nishtha chand says

    Warsaw is very stunning and beautiful city. I wish I can go there someday may be luck by chance . I have never been abroad till now. Greetings from India

  39. Mr Relentless says

    Guys polska can into space ı believe him our best wishes with him ??

  40. Johnny Cardinale says

    Just visited Warsaw. Loved it.

  41. Our Fun House says

    My dream is to visit Poland. Hello from Florida, USA

  42. babaghanoush says

    Very underrated country! Went there last year and love it. Go visit Poland now guys!

  43. Radin Dini says

    I want to visit Warsaw soon.?

  44. Antonela J says

    I was in Warsaw two weeks ago and it's amazing city, of so much diversity. Polish people are kind and safety is on top level. I will visit it again for sure. Greetings from Croatia

  45. charangoguy says

    In two weeks, God willing, I will be visiting your beautiful country. From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to Poland, Dziękuję Ci.

  46. KatScripter says

    Im from warsaw 🙂

  47. Ross Campbell says

    I look forward to coming to Poland one day, such a beautiful and interesting country, much love from Scotland ????????❤️??

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