Was Yoshi's Island Supposed to be a Donkey Kong Game? – Gaming Mysteries


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One of the biggest revelations of the recent Nintendo Gigaleaks was a prototype found in the Yoshi’s Island directory called “Super Donkey.” Could this point to Yoshi’s Island beginning development as a Donkey Kong game?

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    Nice Hawaiian shirt man

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    I miss "fat Whang". lol

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    wtf is this guy wearing?

  14. Switch Dog says

    What are the animated Mario frames in the right corner?

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    I love your shirt!

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    Chicken Whang!
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  17. sean_cameron says

    Please dear God leak Earthbound 64.

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    I need that Japanese commercial clip

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    Everytime there's a new video, i always look at those Pixoos… and they never disappoint.

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    someday we will find it
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    What is it about Earthbound ? I don`t get it. I played SNES version for a while and it was just ok, I don`t get the "cult status" of this IP.

  24. La Sirène Rouge says

    The shirt you're wearing is amazing!

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    That Mario Cartoon got me distracted and for a minute and I don't remember a word of what you said.

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    You’re such a babe!

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    Mayrio Lol. Mahrio maybe.

  28. Marlon Cebo says

    Donkey Kong on the game boy/color game boy was amazing though.

  29. BOBimus Rex says

    Hey, JW, glad you pulled through! Sorry to here about the lifelong paralysis.
    (Just saw the episode you did with chubbyemu)

  30. Emma Corby says

    Can you talk about Tails gets Trolled?

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    I like your shirt. You look like Jyoji from SMT3: Nocturne.

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    PLOK ftw

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    …It's fabulous!

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    Never knew The Sarg was in the Super Mario Bros Show.

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  36. ChesuMori says

    I feel like Sleep was probably canned pretty early on because someone pointed out how similar it was to Mario & Wario.

  37. redadder515 says

    When you showed the character in pajamas and mentioned sleep, I am reminded of Little Nemo: Dream Master for some reason.

  38. SUSHI CATTO says

    Dude you always do the same shit like why cant you lower the background music more so we can actually hear your voice without trying

  39. ChesuMori says

    My man. I've never even HEARD of someone putting a wallet in their front pocket.

  40. jon rad says

    They did my guy DK so dirty

  41. blazingsonic says

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    By the way……… This the 7th video I have seen do this in the past few weeks. This is why people post time stamps that skips the ad because the real videos actually start about 2 or more minutes in.

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