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Picture-in-picture is currently only available to:
YouTube Premium members on Android mobile devices, worldwide.
US Android users running Android Oreo or greater, with ad supported PiP playback.
Picture-in-picture shrinks the video into a small player that you can move around your home screen and position over other apps. With this feature enabled, you can continue watching YouTube videos while using other apps on your mobile device.

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  1. Angelica Guzman says

    Does this feature use less data?

  2. Joe Citizen says

    I've got 2 phones … a company phone and personal phone.

    On my personal phone … certain channels only show "uploaded" videos.

    Where as my company phone (on the exact same channels) shows a header with "home" "videos" "playlists" etc.

    Why is 1 phone limited to what I can see?

  3. luke cross says

    What's the name of she? I'm passioned now 😮

  4. Aago Tv says

    Dear Respected Google TEAM , this is the first time that my AdSense
    account is disabled due to like this invalid clicks activity, I could
    not record my suspicious IP address, traffic log & reports. I also
    apologize again for this negligence too. As must as I know about my site
    or AdSense I have mentioned. I only appeal to ignore any server or
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  5. Edelyn Luto says

    How about iphone users?

  6. TYJ2017 says

    How do i get this to work on a rca viking pro 10 tablet?

  7. Dipta Das says

    My YouTube display over other apps isn't working.What can I do for fix this problem.

  8. Susan Black Andrade says

    Thank you!!

  9. Donovan Singh says


  10. Rahul Devanshu says

    This option isn't available in my YouTube application,
    Please help

  11. Joe MacArthur says

    Thank you! Informative and brief. Greatly appreciated.

  12. chandrahas banka says

    I'm form India and I don't have the option Picture-in-picture option plz help me

  13. TheSuirad says

    I love this feature!!

  14. Mi Pe says

    You seem nice but I give dislike because there's no crucial info in the title: YOU NEED PREMIUM TO DO THIS.

  15. Manish Loya says

    How to create profile

  16. emerald garnet says

    Not helpful at all. ??????

  17. GuitarStar says

    Hello.. I try and use pip and it won't turn on even if I have premium…

  18. Nathan Norwich says

    Why does this only work sometimes?

  19. Cher Lee says

    It works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt work . . . .

  20. -Саня- :Р says

    It didn't work out. 🙁

  21. Jaspreet Kaur says

    It's not working

  22. Jawwad Md says

    Thank u so much Dear

  23. Bobby & Renee Peoples says

    Im a bit lost. On my desktop my views watch for monetization says 561 and on my YT Studio app I'm over 11k views. Way more than the 4k needed. Why do I have two very different numbers?

  24. Jenna Sunshine says

    Do you have any idea why it only lets me do it with certain videos? While playing this video right here, your video, I am able to do it, when I played a video of music it won't do it I know I have picture and picture enabled cuz I enabled it myself and I'm able to do it with this video But why won't it let me do it with music videos?

  25. Tristan Herring says

    I have but it did not work

  26. mistxy says

    I'm could do it but people said you have to have premium and I don't have premium why does it work for me then?

  27. Anna O' Sullivan says

    I was able to do this earlier without premium

  28. PCRL says

    Get it for free like so : click to share video > click 'copy link' > open chrome incognito tab (will play video in browser instead of YT app) > make full screen > press home button. Will play PIP.

  29. Zakaria Abdi Mohammed says

    Well I'm using YouTube Vanced ??

  30. Eric Cenina says

    I don't have picture in picture what is the other way

  31. Aisyah Putri says

    I don't have picture in picture. I'm YouTube premium members

  32. Jon Tenggo says

    Thanks miss i need to watch again to know your miracle style to move the video up down left and right

  33. Soma Mukherjee says

    This tip isn't working on my mobile

  34. She Shrek says

    Uhm so yesterday i can do this on accident, but now i cant lmao-

  35. NEWS EYE AFRICA says

    you tips made my day ?

    love ya

  36. tiên tiên kooki says

    Tôi đã làm theo cách nhưng vẫn k đc

  37. charless670 says

    Improve ur trash app like before u guys were good

  38. charless670 says

    Bruh youtube made the app worst so much ads

  39. Gavarmma mades says

    Can you pls help me to solve the AdSense errors in my channel monetization? Thank you so much!

  40. santrie hits 17 azim official says

    Jangkriiiiiiiik woy jancoooook gak onok suuu

  41. Gursharan Singh says

    Unable to see this feature


    Exlent video superb

  43. Buddy Lee says

    How to turn this off

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